[Discontinued] Arducam Stereo USB Camera, Synchronized Visible Light and Infrared Camera, 2MP 1080P Day and Night Mini UVC USB2.0 Webcam

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  • Stereo camera module: Dual 2MP USB 2.0 camera in visible light and infrared, data transferred in one USB cable
  • High Resolution: dual 1/2.7” OV2710 image sensors, max resolution 1920×1080, you can get two synchronized HD images.
  • Frame Rates: MJPG 30fps@1080p, 30fps@720p; YUY2 30fps@640x 480
  • Plug&Play: UVC-compliant, support Windows, Linux, Mac and Andriod with UVC, just connect the camera to PC, laptop, Android device or Raspberry Pi with the USB cable without extra drivers to be installed.
  • Applications: this tiny 54mmx30mm camera board can be installed in any machine of the ticket gate, face scan payment, robot project and other machine vision application.

Item Description:

The B0198 is a new member of Arducam’s USB camera family to meet the requirement of application in face recognition and biological detection. It’s a UVC-compliant synchronized stereo module. It has two 2MP USB 2.0 camera modules (RGB and IR dual output) and transfers data from one USB cable.


– Sensor: 1/2.7” OV2710
– Resolution: 2MP 1920 x 1080
– Data Format: MJPG/YUY2
– Frame Rates: MJPG 30fps@1080p; YUY2 30fps@640x 480
– Field of View (FOV): 95°
– Lens Mount: M12
– USB Connector: S4B-ZR(LF)(SN)


Functionality and Compatibility

– Auto Controlled Features: Saturation, Contrast, Acutance, White balance, Exposure.
– System Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android with UVC


– Power Supply: USB Powered 5V
– Working Current: MAX 500mA


– Operating Temp.: -4°F~167°F (-20°C~+75°C).
– Dimension: 54mmx30mm
– Cable Length: 3.3ft (1M)

    Lens option

    Model No:M2516ZH01M2512ZH03M2508ZH02M2506ZH04M2504ZH05SM25360H06SM27280M07SM27210H08M27195H15M25170H12
    Optical Format1/2.5'' 1/2.5'' 1/2.5'' 1/2.5'' 1/2.5'' 1/2.5'' 1/2.7'' 1/2.7'' 1/2.7'' 1/2.5''
    FOV (D/H/V) on 1/2.7‘’ Cam25/22/1231/27/1548/42/2564/57/3480/72/4590/82/52103/95/63136/130/101158/155/136180/180/180
    FOV (D/H/V) on 1/2.8‘’ Cam23/20/1129/25/1445/40/2362/55/3378/70/4388/80/5098/90/59131/125/94154/150/129180/180/180
    FOV (D/H/V) on 1/2.9‘’ Cam20/18/1026/23/1343/38/2260/53/3276/68/4286/78/4993/85/55127/120/89149/145/121180/180/180
    IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter
    Size(mm)14 x 16.214 x 16.714 x 16.914 x 17.414 x 18.714 x 16.314 x 15.614 x 15.217.5 x 19.920 x 18.7


    NOTE: The M12 Lens kit for the USB Camera module, please check LK005, 10 lenses are included.

    NOTE: For the sample order, please order the lens you need to replace separately and Contact us in advance for customization if you would like to replace the lenses on the Camera board.


    NOTE: If the two lenses are the same, the diameter of a single lens cannot exceed 14mm, otherwise it is not compatible.



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