Arducam M12 Lens Set, Arducam Lens for USB Camera(1/2.7” 1/2.8″ 1/2.9″), Telephoto, Macro, Wide Angle, Fisheye Lens Kit (20°- 180°) with M12 Lens Holder and Cleaning Cloth, Optical All-in-One

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Why we need it: In case you’re disappointed with the angle of default cameras and want precise control of what gets into the frame of your image – like how wide and how close it is – we selected, tested, and labeled a bunch of lenses and shrinks it all into a complete toolbox on your palm

What’s in it: This kit includes 10 M12 Lenses to cover almost any angles of view you’ll ever need, 20°/25°/40°/55°/70°/80°/90°/125°/150°/180° respectively on a 1/2.8” USB Camera like B0200 IMX291 camera. M12 lens holders, screws, specifications and even cleaning cloth are also in the box

How to use it: Get a camera with an M12 lens holder, and screw one lens slowly into the M12 lens holder until you see a clear and sharp image on a video screen. Screw it out a little if you want to shoot objects close to the camera. Replace it with the next if it is not the best. Video:

NOTE: The 4 lens holders included come with 18mm hole spacing and 20mm hole spacing. Typically lenses with a larger Field of View will require shorter holders, and that means you need to change the lens holder if the lens does not focus at all.


In order to meet the increasing market demands for more lens options to address different use cases, Arducam selected and tested a wide range of M12 mount optimal lenses from long focus to fisheye for shooting on your USB cameras. It’s now much easier for you to get the best lens you’ll need, and we will keep the lens list growing in the near future.


    Lens Specification

    Model No:M2516ZH01M2512ZH03M2508ZH02M2506ZH04M2504ZH05SM25360H06SM27280M07SM27210H08M27195H15M25170H12
    Optical Format1/2.5” 1/2.5” 1/2.5” 1/2.5” 1/2.5” 1/2.5” 1/2.7” 1/2.7” 1/2.7” 1/2.5”
    FOV (D/H/V) on 1/2.7‘’ Cam25/22/1231/27/1548/42/2564/57/3480/72/4590/82/52103/95/63136/130/101158/155/136180/180/180
    FOV (D/H/V) on 1/2.8‘’ Cam23/20/1129/25/1445/40/2362/55/3378/70/4388/80/5098/90/59131/125/94154/150/129180/180/180
    FOV (D/H/V) on 1/2.9‘’ Cam20/18/1026/23/1343/38/2260/53/3276/68/4286/78/4993/85/55127/120/89149/145/121180/180/180
    IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter650 IR filter
    Size(mm)14 x 16.214 x 16.714 x 16.914 x 17.414 x 18.714 x 16.314 x 15.614 x 15.217.5 x 19.920 x 18.7

    Package including

    • 10pcs Arducam M12 mount camera lenses
    • 4pcs M12 lens holders
    • 1pcs M12 locking ring
    • 1 pack lens screws




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