New Book “Home Security Systems DIY” using ArduCAM Mini Camera Module

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The author Robert Chin wrote a book for Home Security Systems DIY using Android and Arduino using ArduCAM Mini camera module Arduino and Android. For Arduino and its camera fans, it is right for you to read about it. And now it is available on Amazon


This book shows you how to build your own wireless home security system using an Android cell phone or tablet, an Arduino microcontroller, an infrared motion detector, a Bluetooth adapter, and an optional ArduCAM Mini digital camera. All these items are low cost off the shelf parts that are widely available for purchase. This book shows you how to build your own home intruder alarm system that allows you to detect the motion of an intruder and then call out to an emergency phone number using an Android cell phone or just alert you to the intruder with an Android tablet. In addition, an ArduCAM Mini digital camera can be added so that pictures of the intruder can be taken when the motion detector is tripped. You can also use the book’s ArduCAM Mini camera based security system for continuous surveillance of your property. The image data is stored locally on the Android device and does NOT require payment of storage fees as with some home security company plans. This book will also go into the technical details of the hardware set up as well as the author created Android and Arduino software. With these technical details you will be able to customize and expand these systems to suit your specific needs.

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Who is this book for?

1. This book is designed for everyone from people with no technical experience to experienced Do It Yourselfers such as those experienced in home improvements as well as programmers and engineers who want to customize and expand on the basic home security systems presented.

Key Feature Summary:

* Shows you how to build your own wireless home security and surveillance system and stop paying monthly fees to home security companies.

* Shows you how to build your own wireless home security and surveillance system and stop worrying about being spied on by commercial security companies.

* Expands upon the trend of “Do It Yourself” or “DIY” wireless home security systems such as the best selling self installable SimpliSafe wireless home security system

* Follow the detailed “Hands on Examples” and install the pre-made software created by the author on your Android and Arduino devices and get a working video surveillance system, or an intruder alarm system up and running within 15 minutes.

* Shows you how to build your own wireless home security system that can detect intruders and make an emergency cell phone call to notify you of the intrusion.

* Explains the author created source code for the Android and Arduino so you can customize the home security systems yourself.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Introducing the Arduino
Chapter 2: Arduino Programming Language Basics
Chapter 3: The Android Controller and Bluetooth Communication with Arduino
Chapter 4: Simple Wireless Intruder Alarm System with Motion Detector
Chapter 5: Hands on Example: Creating a Simple Intruder Alarm System
Chapter 6: ArduCAM Mini Wireless Intruder Alarm/Video Surveillance System
Chapter 7: Hands on Example: Building an ArduCAM Intruder Alarm / Surveillance System
Chapter 8: Deploying your Wireless Intruder Alarm and Surveillance System


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