Panoramic photograph is a technique of photography, using specialized equipment or software, that captures images with elongated fields of view. It is sometimes known as wide format photography. In order to create panorama photos, you have to take several photos from different view point and stitching them afterwards. There are basically two ways to get these photos, one is to use one camera and shooting from different position, the other is to use multiple cameras and shooting at the same time. The later has better stitching result than the former and requires less photography experience, but more complex hardware equipment.

With the hardware nature of ArduCAM shields especially the ArduCAM-mini and Multi-Adapter board for Raspberry, you can connect multiple cameras to a single Arduino or Raspberry Pi board, even shoot the cameras at the same time. In this demonstration we will use 4 ArduCAM mini 5MP with its adapter board and an Arduino UNO R3 board to create your own panoramas or virtual tours.


In order to get the maxim field of view, we need to mount fisheye lens into the ArduCAM. The lens parameters like optical format, focal length, FOV is very important for stitching software, you can get these information from your lens suppliers. Here is the lens LS-30180 fisheye specification used in this demo, maybe we can use much better fisheye lens to get better photos.

By connecting 4 ArduCAM mini 5MP with the adapter board and the Arduino board, also inserting a microSD/TF into the bottom side of the adapter board card.


Now you can download ready to use Arduino example sketch for multi-camera setups. The example ArduCAM_Mini_5MP_4Cams_TimeElapse2SD_LowPower.ino will start to initialize 4 cameras and the SD card first, and then take 4 photos at every 5 seconds automatically.

Export the captured photo into your computer, select the photo sets you would like to stitch with KRPano, Pano2VR, Kolor Panotour & Panotour Pro, Flash Panorama Player & Flashificator, PTGui & similar apps, view & post them anywhere you like.

Check Out The Panaorama Demo Here

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