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Introducing Arducam OwlSight Ultra-high Resolution Cameras

Unleash Peak Performance on Raspberry Pi 5

Unlock Your Imagination with Unparalleled 64MP Clarity

Our Arducam OwlSight Ultra-high Resolution Cameras redefine imaging possibilities. With a remarkable 64MP sensor boasting the leading optical format and the largest pixel size in their class, these cameras excel in challenging lighting conditions while delivering exceptional performance in well-lit environments. Say goodbye to complex installations, as these cameras are directly supported by libcamera, making setup a breeze. It’s time to capture the world with breathtaking clarity and precision, helping you bring your boldest creative visions to life.

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  • Pixel Size: 1.008µm x 1.008µm
  • Optical Format: 1/1.32”
  • F Number: f/1.9

Core Advantages

Super High Resolution

See the World in Unprecedented Detail

– 64 Mega pixels
– Utmost clarity
– Versatile applications

The astonishing 64MP sensor delivers a level of detail that was previously unimaginable. Whether you’re exploring photography, surveillance, or any application requiring the utmost clarity, it empowers you to go beyond the ordinary.

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Excellent Light Sensitivity

Brilliance in Any Light Condition

– The largest pixel size (1.008µm) in its class
– Leading optical format (1/1.32″)
– High F Number (f/1.9)

Arducam OwlSight thrives in all lighting conditions. The secret lies in its sensor. From dimly lit scenes to bright daylight, it ensures your images and videos shine.

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libcamera Support

Simplified Setup, Maximum Compatibility

– Directly supported by libcamera
– Upstream drivers
– Plug-n-play convenience

Thanks to the ‘libcamera Revolution’, no more headaches over driver installations or compatibility concerns. The libcamera ecosystem has streamlined the process, making it a breeze to connect and use our camera module on your Linux-based systems.

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libcamera x Arducam

Pioneering the Upstream-Driver Camera Ecosystem with libcamera

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libcamera: Where Vision Meets Simplicity

libcamera is a powerful open-source camera stack designed for various platforms. This innovative framework leverages a core userspace library and harmonizes with Linux kernel APIs and drivers. In other words, it gets camera drivers upstream and integrated in the linux kernel. With an intuitive API, its primary goal is to streamline the intricacies of embedded camera hardware. By doing so, libcamera facilitates the development of new embedded camera applications by reducing the complexity faced by developers. It’s specifically tailored to the workings of modern embedded camera hardware. The standout advantage? libcamera abstracts hardware-specific details, ensuring that if your camera module is libcamera-supported, you can enjoy plug-and-play convenience without the need for cumbersome, device-specific driver installations. The result is seamless communication between your camera hardware and user-level applications.

Arducam & libcamera: Mutual Pursuit, Shared Vision

Simplifying Embedded Camera Integration with libcamera

At Arducam, we’re not just delivering superior camera technology; we’re shaping the future of camera integration. Our products are at the forefront of what we like to call the “libcamera Revolution“. By getting all the required support upstream, the traditional hurdles of installing device-specific drivers are a thing of the past.

libcamera, an open-source camera framework, is changing the game by providing a standardized interface for camera access on Linux-based systems. Being actively involved in this ecosystem means our camera modules are seamlessly supported. No more complicated installations or compatibility issues—just plug and play, and you’re ready to capture high-resolution images and videos effortlessly. This is more than a product; it’s a leap into a future where creativity and innovation take center stage.

Here We Go


Image Sensor
Image SensorOV64A40
Still Resolution64 Megapixels
Color Filter TypeColor
Shutter TypeRolling
Optical Size1/1.32″
Pixel Size1.008 µm x 1.008 µm
Sensor Active Area9248(H)×6944(V)
Output FormatJPEG/YUV/RGB/RAW10
Video Modes
(on Raspberry Pi)
1080p30,720p60 and 640×480p60/90
Video Modes
(Camera Module)
9152×6944@2fps, 4624×[email protected], 3840×[email protected], 2312×[email protected], 1920×1080@45fps
IR SensitivityIntegral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Focus TypeManual/Auto
Focal Length6.65mm
Field of View (FOV)84°(D)×68°(H)×56°(V)
Lens MountStock Lens
Default Focus Range12cm~∞
Electrical and Mechanical
Power Requirements3.3V/300mA
Camera Board Size25×24 mm
Functionality and Compatibility
Supported OSRaspberry Pi OS
Supported Platforms*Raspberry Pi 5/4B/3B+/3/2/CM3/CM4/Zero W/Zero 2 W

More Features

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Quad-Camera System Support

Unleash Multicamera Creativity

With the capability to connect and synchronize four Arducam OwlSight cameras using a specially designed adapter, you can take camera multiplexing to the extreme. Whether you want to capture full-res 64MP images and switch between cameras, create a combined view with four cameras, or perform depth mapping with precise synchronization across all four cameras, our innovative quad-camera system brings these possibilities to life. It’s the ultimate tool for pushing the boundaries of multicamera creativity.

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Dual Focus Mode

Customized Clarity at Your Fingertips

Arducam OwlSight empowers you with a unique dual focus mode, offering both autofocus and manual focus options. With autofocus, let the camera handle the focus for you, ensuring crisp images in most situations. But for those times when you have a specific vision in mind, OwlSight’s manual focus, controlled at the software level, puts the precision in your hands. Choose the focus that best suits your creative intent and capture images exactly as you imagine them.

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Pan Tilt Platform (Accessory)

Expand Camera Control Effortlessly

Unlock new perspectives with the Arducam Pan Tilt Platform. Specifically designed for Raspberry Pi camera V3, V2, V1, and Arducam 16MP/64MP Hawkeye/Mini HQ cameras, and newly joined 64MP Arducam OwlSight, this accessory offers a broader view with 180 degrees of panning and tilting. It’s highly compatible, works with a variety of camera modules, and features a customized control board with I2C controls and PWM signal outputs for servo motor control. With mini digital servos for precision and speed, and super-quick assembly, this platform makes camera angle adjustments a breeze, helping you capture your vision effortlessly.

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Camera Cable (Accessory)

Seamless Connectivity

The Arducam Camera Cable, specifically designed for Raspberry Pi, offers 15-22 pin connectivity. This high-quality cable ensures seamless and reliable connections between your camera module and Raspberry Pi, supporting your imaging needs with precision and flexibility.

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CSI-to-HDMI Adapter Set (Accessory)

Effortless Connectivity, Ready for Action

Arducam’s CSI-to-HDMI Adapter Set is your gateway to seamless camera connectivity with Raspberry Pi. It natively supports various Raspberry Pi cameras and is highly compatible with a range of Raspberry Pi models. It’s plug-and-play ready, supporting the latest Raspberry Pi OS and camera software. The adapter set also includes a reserved headphone jack for added versatility. Plus, it’s robust and durable, eliminating the need for delicate FPC cables. Connect and capture without worries.

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Compatible Camera Enclosure (Accessory)

Enhanced Security and Versatile Compatibility

Arducam offers a high-quality ABS enclosure designed as a compatible accessory for added camera module protection. It fits various camera modules, including V1, V2, V3, and Arducam Pi cameras. With its robust construction, tripod mount, and open-back design, it simplifies cable changes and ensures your camera module remains secure. An ideal choice for peace of mind and protection.

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LAN Cable Extension Kit (Accessory)

Extended Connectivity, Plug-and-Play

The Arducam LAN Cable Extension Kit offers effortless camera module extension for Raspberry Pi and NVIDIA Jetson. With a plug-and-play design, this kit supports up to a 10-meter cable extension. It eliminates the need for additional software configuration and is compatible with both official Raspberry Pi cameras and a wide range of Arducam camera models.

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FPD-Link III/V3Link Camera Solution (Coming soon)

High Speed Data Transfer with Multi-camera Connected

Introducing Arducam FPD-Link III/V3Link camera solution – meticulously developed for high-speed data transfer, enabling seamless connectivity with multiple cameras. Our collaboration with Texas Instruments’ engineering team ensures adaptable and on-demand FPD-Link III/V3Link camera systems, tailored for diverse industrial applications.The Arducam OwlSight will soon be seamlessly integrated with FPD-Link III/V3Link solutions. Stay tuned!

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OwlSight Sensor + UVC USB 3.0

Compliant with UVC Protocol

Introducing OwlSight 64MP UVC USB3.0 Module – a versatile addition to the OwlSight lineup. With a universal video class (UVC) interface, this USB3.0 version ensures seamless compatibility across platforms. Choose between a sleek, robust enclosure or a compact form without compromising on the remarkable 64MP sensor, superior clarity, and exceptional low-light performance. Elevate your imaging capabilities with the OwlSight 64MP UVC USB3.0 Module.

Sample Photos

The following samples are all for exhibition. For original pictures and all sample photos, please refer to:

Arducam OV64A40 OwlSight Camera – Pictures













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