1.2MP ONSemi AR0134/AR0135


Arducam now provides a low-cost high frame 1.2MP global shutter camera module based on ONSemi (used to be Aptina) AR0134/AR0135 monochrome or color image sensor. The ON Semiconductor AR0134/AR0135 can be operated in its default mode or programmed for frame size, exposure, gain, and other parameters.

The default mode output is a full-resolution image at 54 frames per second (fps). It outputs 12-bit raw data, using the parallel output ports. The device may be operated in video (master) mode or in frame trigger mode. FRAME_VALID and LINE_VALID signals are output on dedicated pins, along with a synchronized pixel clock. A dedicated FLASH pin can be programmed to control external LED or flash exposure illumination. The AR0134/AR0135 includes additional features to allow application-specific tuning: windowing, adjustable auto-exposure control, auto black level correction, on-board temperature sensor, and row skip and digital binning modes.

In addition, the AR0135 sensor incorporates a new innovative global shutter pixel design, with 10X lower dark current and 4X higher shutter efficiency vs. previous generation products. These improvements allow the sensor to produce clear, low-noise images, in both low-light and bright scenes, and in high-temperature environments. This sensor is designed to operate in a wide temperature range (–30°C to +70°C). This performance enables the required eye-tracking and gesture detection functionality in next-generation automotive in-cabin systems.


  • Resolution: 1280×960
  • Optical size: 1/3″
  • Lens Mount: M12 or CS mount
  • Pixel size: 3.75um x 3.75um
  • Maximum frame rate: 54fps
  • Output formats: 12-bit RAW
  • Output interface: Parallel
  • Temperature Range: -30°C ~ +70°C


  • Robot Camera
  • Machine Vision Camera
  • Industrial Camera
  • VSLAM Camera
  • Stereo Camera
  • Automation

Demo Board

Arducam created USB 3.0 development and evaluation board for AR0134/AR0135 camera module which supports both Windows and Linux using C/C++, Python programming languages, as well as OpenCV supports.


Sensor Datasheet  AR0134AR0135
Module Datasheet  AR0134 Camera Breakout Board
Example Source Code: AR0134/AR0135

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