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Pivariety: More and Better Cameras for Raspberry Pi

Bringing more unsupported, higher-spec image sensors to Raspberry Pi.

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global shutter camera solutions 2
low light starvis sensors
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Customization Pi cameras isp tuning

High-Resolution Camera Series

  • 16MP, 18MP and 21MP ready-to-use cameras.
  • Up to 3 times higher specification than the official Raspberry Pi Cameras.
  • Capturing much crisper images/videos like the flagship mobile phone cameras.
  • Designed with Sony’s top-performing Exmor RS™ image sensors.
21 megapixel high resolution cameras 2
global shutter cameras raspberry pi 4

Global Shutter Camera Series

  • External trigger to precisely synchronize multiple cameras.
  • No Jello Effect, no warping, no wobbling with fast-moving objects.
  • Up to 120 fps or even higher frame rates.
  • Flexible color and monochrome sensor and lens options.

Low Light Camera Series

  • Adopt sophisticated surveillance camera technology.
  • Based on Sony’s STARVIS ultra low light sensors.
  • Extraordinary performance under challenging lighting conditions.
  • High sensitivity (down to 0.01 Lux), high frame rate with high Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR).
starvis cameras
AF camera series 1

Autofocus Camera Series

  • Both autofocus and programmable manual focus supported.
  • Super flexible and wider focus range for automation.
  • Minimum Ojbect Distance ranges from 50 mm to infinity.
  • Faster focus speed with hardware autofocus engine.

Stereoscopic Camera Series

  • Based on two Sony 8MP IMX219 cameras.
  • Two cameras for a single RPi at full resolution.
  • Working in frame-level synchronization with nanosecond tolerance.
  • Optional Ultra wide-angle lenses for a panoramic field of view.
  • A variable baseline for higher depth accuracy and developing efficiency.
stereoscopic cameras for raspberry pi 4
customization service for RPi


  • Support for new sensors beyond the current camera list.
  • Offering various lens profiles and FoVs (Field of View).
  • Tailored form factors to accommodate custom enclosures.
  • Well tuned ISP effects for RPi.


What is Pivariety?

The Pivariety Project aims to solve the following problems:

  1. Combining Raspberry Pi’s original ISP tuning algorithms with more image sensors. 
  2. Eventually expand the official camera lines from V1/V2/HQ to a complete collection of camera solutions.
  3. Make Raspberry Pi a versatile platform for all types of embedded machine vision and industrial applications.
  4. Help the foundation reach more industry users who are looking for cost-saving vision systems.
  5. Make computer vision and imaging science more accessible to researchers and practitioners.

Where can I purchase them?

You can buy them from one of our top distributors here.

Are they compatible with all Raspberry Pi models?

Yes, you can use them with standard Raspberry Pis, Compute Modules, and some previous models.

Supported hardware: Raspberry Pi 4B, 3B/3B+, 3A/3A+, 2B, CM4, CM3+/CM3, Zero W.

What’s the difference between Pivariety cameras and other Pi cameras?

Raspberry Pi CamerasISP TuningInterfaceSupported Sensors
Native Pi Cameras
yesv4l2/mmal/picameraOV5647/IMX219/IMX477(up to 12MP)
Arducam MIPI CamerasnoArducam SDK onlycurrently up to 21MP
Pivariety CamerasyesGstreamer/V4L2 Supportcurrently up to 21MP

The biggest differences between Pivariety cameras and our previous MIPI cameras are the added ISP tuning support and its compatibility with some of the popular SDKs and libraries.

Are Pivariety cameras customizable?

The biggest differences between Pivariety cameras and our previous MIPI cameras are the added ISP tuning support and its compatibility with some of the popular SDKs and libraries.

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