How to order

If you are interested in ArduCAM products and want to try them out, you can order them in the following ways:

  • Order from you nearest distributors

You can find our distributors from the distributor page. Sometimes the distributor may run out of the products or doesn’t carry the certain products, in this case you can contact our sales for pachase.

  • Order from Amazon

If you are loacated in United State, it is more convenient to place an order from our Amazon Store. It is also welcome to order directly from us.

  • Order directly from us

This is the ultimate way to order products from us no matter it is regular products, prerelease products or customized design.

  • Request free samples

We now offer free samples to help makers and students for their final project. You have to submit the final project document and source code to us and we will publish them on our website. For more detail, please contact us.