Camera Solutions for STM32 MCUs

Cameras that can work on any STM32 microcontroller.

DCMI Cameras
SPI Cameras for STM32 1
Lenses for stm32 cameras
customization services for stm32 camera

DCMI Camera Series

  • Compatible with all DCMI-ready STM32 boards.
  • Various sensor selections.
  • One universal camera driver for all.
  • Various lens options.
DCMI Camera modules for stm32
SPI Cameras for non dcmi stm32 boards

SPI Camera Series

  • Compatible with all non-DCMI STM32 boards.
  • Up to 5MP or even higher.
  • 8MByte onboard frame buffer.
  • Onboard ISP sensor for advanced camera controls.
  • I2C for configuration, SPI for data, and command.
  • Single 3.3V/5V tolerant power/IO input/output.
  • Optional dual or quad camera multiplexers.


  • Wide range of focal lengths and FoVs.
  • Various mount types: M7, M12, C, CS, etc.
  • Various focal length ranges.
  • Optional zoom control.
  • Optional IR filters.
  • Optional low distortion and adjustable aperture options.
Lenses for stm32 boards
customization services for stm32 camera


  • Compatible with any STM32 dev board.
  • Support for any sensors.
  • Custom interface options.
  • Custom lens and filter options.
  • Tailored module form-factor.
  • Customizable cable length, shape and pinout.
  • Camera housing design using CNC/Injection molding.
  • IP6x waterproof and anti-fog solutions.

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