SPI Cameras You Can Use w/ Any Microcontroller

Exclusive single/multiple camera solutions designed for low-power applications.

SPI Cameras 2
Multiple Cameras for microcontrollers
Customization 2

SPI Camera Series

  • Based on 2MP and 5MP sensors, or even higher.
  • 8MByte onboard frame buffer.
  • Onboard ISP sensor for advanced camera controls.
  • I2C for configuration, SPI for data, and command.
  • Single 3.3V/5V tolerant power/IO input/output.
SPI Cameras 3

Demos w/ Our SPI Cameras

Raspberry Pi Pico w/ Camera

SPI Camera on Arduino UNO

Multiple Cameras w/ UNO

Multiple Cameras for SPI cameras

Multiple Camera Solution

  • Support up to 4 SPI cameras in sequence for still images.
  • Onboard SD/TF card storage.
  • Additional power input.
  • Compatible with any microcontrollers.


  • Support for your MCU of choice.
  • Tailored single/multiple camera solutions.
  • Customized board form-factors.
  • Tailored housing options. (waterproof/anti-fog/etc.)
  • Various lens options.
raspberry pi native cameras

Supported Platforms

Arduino cameras


RPi Pico Cameras

Raspberry Pi Pico

esp32 cameras


STM32 Cameras


Micro bit cameras

BBC Micro:bit

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