Camera Modules for STM32 MCUs

STM32 has more than a thousand microcontrollers that are categorized as 17 series with different performances and features. The way Arducam sees it, there are in fact only two types of STM32 development boards: those that offer a Digital Camera Interface (DCMI) and those that don’t. For the boards (STM32 F7/L4/H7 series & later) that feature the DCMI, we have some ready-to-deploy parallel camera modules, that are built on lots of sensors (NT99141/MT9D111/OV3640/OV3660/OV5640/MT9P111/etc.). For some of the earlier or low-end MCUs (F1/L1/F0/F3/L0 & early F2/F4 series), our SPI camera series is the only ideal solution that offers single/multiple high-resolution camera integrations. And with our customization service, you can put almost any image sensors on any STM32 dev boards.

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