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Empowering Visions, Illuminating Collaborations

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Global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters

LED, 3D ToF sensing, chip-packaging, VCSELs

Capacitive sensing, CMOS imaging, Position sensing, Spectral sensing

Bringing intelligence to light and passion to innovation, ams OSRAM enriches people’s lives. ams OSRAM continuously advances its industry-leading technologies in sensing, illumination and visualization to make the world safer, simpler and more efficient. ams OSRAM is #2 in the global LED market (Trendforce 2022); #2 in Light Sensors (OMDIA 2021) and holds a leading position in the Automotive lamps/bulbs aftermarket.

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Proprietary flexible ISP technology

Highly abstracted embedded camera architecture

Advanced embedded image sensor packaging technology

Arducam, an emerging force in the imaging solutions sector, is dedicated to simplifying embedded vision hardware. Renowned for crafting advanced camera modules and evaluation kits, Arducam leads the way in pioneering developments, addressing the varied requirements of industries and makers. Positioned as a premier provider of embedded vision solutions, Arducam has proudly served over 2,000 commercial clients since 2012.

Mira220, the starting point.

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● Compact size with high resolution and bit depth
● NIR enhanced with high sensitivity
● On-chip noise reduction
● Reduced off-chip processing
● Extended battery operation
● Ideal in low light conditions

The new Mira220 global shutter image sensor from ams OSRAM advances 2D and 3D sensing with high quantum efficiency at visible and NIR wavelengths

Mira Sensor Family

We help demonstrate how strong the Mira220 is.

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Our journey with ams OSRAM commences with the groundbreaking Mira220 sensor. Utilizing the Arducam Mira Series NIR Enhanced USB3.0 Eval. Kit, we unleash the complete potential of the Mira220, allowing you to effortlessly witness the transformative DIFFERENCE it brings.

Arducam Mira Seires NIR Enhanced USB3.0 Eval. Kit

● Exceptional Performance in 940nm. ams Mira220’s stellar efficiency, and low power consumption.

● Compact Powerhouse: Ideal for space-limited, power-constrained, low-light applications.

● Crystal-Clear Imaging: Global shutter, Arducam’s M12 lens for impeccable clarity.

● User-Friendly Interface: Streamlined experience with a friendly interface and comprehensive SDK.

● Customization Options: Tailor EVK to your needs with sensor, lens, and form factor choices.

● Revolutionize Development: Accelerate POC, minimize time, receive expert assistance.

The DIFFERENCE comes from …

High Quantum Efficiency (QE)

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The Mira220 sets itself apart with a high quantum efficiency of up to 36% at the 940nm NIR wavelength.

Hence …

High Sensitivity

Optimal image quality in low-light

Step into the realm of low-light environments with the Mira220′s remarkable high sensitivity feature. Engineered with superior pixel technology boasting a 2.79μm pixel size, this sensor ensures exceptional image quality even in challenging lighting conditions. Enhanced by NIR technology, it becomes your ideal companion in scenarios where light is scarce —— a key element for 2D and 3D sensing systems. Its high sensitivity unlocks advanced functionalities, including eye and hand tracking, object detection, and depth mapping in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) products.
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Unlock more features of Mira220

2.2MP Global Shutter

Swift and True

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The Mira220 features a 2.2MP global shutter, ensuring distortion-free capture of fast-moving objects and delivering precise imaging under dynamic conditions. This feature is crucial for applications requiring swift image capture, such as robotics and fast-paced industrial processes.

High Frame Rate

Ideal for high speed industrial applications

Experience seamless imaging for high-speed industrial applications with the Mira220’s high frame rate. Capable of reaching 90 fps at full resolution and bit depth, it ensures sharp, accurate captures of dynamic scenes. Ideal for scenarios where precision in motion is crucial, the Mira220’s swift frame rate opens new possibilities in industrial imaging.

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Low-Power Consumption

Cost down with efficiency up

Engineered for the latest in virtual reality (VR) headsets, smart glasses, drones, and more, the Mira220 operates with remarkable efficiency. Its low-power characteristics, with a mere 4mW in sleep mode, 40mW in idle mode, and 350mW at full resolution and 90fps, make it an ideal choice for applications demanding both performance and energy conservation. This makes the Mira220 a perfect fit for active stereo vision, structured lighting 3D systems, and a myriad of other applications in drones, robots, and smart door locks.

Why Arducam Eval. Kit?

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Just like other Arducam EVKs, Arducam Mira220 Series EVKs streamline your Proof of Concept (POC) process, significantly reducing development time from weeks or months to just days or hours. With the convenience of a USB connection, our EVKs are highly suitable for evaluations on the PC platform. By leveraging our EVKs, you can focus on your core development tasks, knowing that Arducam’s professional team is ready to assist you. We are committed to delivering unique and customized solutions that meet your specific requirements.

Arducam Mira220 EVK: Beyond the Basics

Diverse Lens Options

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Arducam’s Mira220 Series EVK presents a versatile imaging solution with the inclusion of diverse lens options. This feature provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing users to tailor their setups to specific needs and applications. From wide-angle to telephoto, the array of lens choices ensures that your imaging requirements are not only met but exceeded. Experience a new level of adaptability in capturing the world with Arducam’s Mira220 Series EVK.

Additional Resources

Arducam has a complete set of camera solutions, including various Lens options. You can refer to the Arducam Lens Selection tool to help you select the Lens closest to your requirements.

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Comprehensive SDK

Optimize your development process with the Arducam EVK’s Comprehensive SDK. Leverage the robust Python/C++ programming support to unleash the full potential of your projects. From prototyping to implementation, our SDK provides the tools you need for seamless integration and accelerated development.

Customization: Tailor Your EVK to Perfection 

Unlock unparalleled flexibility with the Arducam EVK’s Customization feature. Craft a solution that meets your unique needs by choosing from a diverse array of image sensors, lens options, and form factors. Whether you’re pursuing innovation in image capture or addressing specific project requirements, customization ensures your Arducam EVK aligns perfectly with your vision.

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Customization Examples

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Customer Case 1: AI Sensing

Innovating in the realm of 3D sensing, one of our customers leverages Arducam’s advanced camera solution, which uses 2 x mono Mira220 and 1 x RGB Mira220 sensors. Arducam’s commitment to customization shines through, as the solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of this visionary application.

Customer Case 2: Security and Safety

In the domain of security and safety, another customer pioneers a cutting-edge smart security system, featuring a 940nm bandpass filter, ensuring good performance both indoors and outdoors. Arducam’s dedication to customization is evident, as the Mira220 camera system is precisely configured to meet the stringent requirements of this security application.
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