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Introduction to Arducam ESP32 Camera

What is an ESP32 and how were we using a camera module on it?

Ever interested in maker boards and IoT projects? The ESP platform, featuring the ESP-32 series, integrates the Wifi and Bluetooth features to become an extremely cheap and cool gadget.

It’s not long before it’s hard to use a decent camera on the ESP32, as there was no camera interface on it. Before the ESP32 boards add the parallel camera support, the best way to realize an ESP32 camera application is to use an Arducam SPI camera. The Arducam is a general-purpose camera solution that works with devices as long as they have I2C and SPI interfaces.

ESP32 cameras and Arducam

Arducam provides two ways for you to use a camera on the Jetson nano. The first is the SPI camera solution mentioned above, and the second is the native parallel camera support on an Arducam ESP32 UNO PSRAM board, also known as the Arducam IoTai. The SPI solution provides possibilities for more camera sensors and higher resolutions, and the Arducam 5MP Plus is still currently the best way to use a higher resolution camera on the ESP32 platform.

You can read more about the Arducam ESP32 UNO board in the next chapters.

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