Arducam 2MP OV2640 Color HD CMOS Camera Module w/ Adapter Board JPEG OUT


The OV2640 CAMERA chip image sensor is a low voltage CMOS device that provides the full functionality of a single-chip UXGA(1632X1232) camera and image processor in a small footprint package. The OV2640 provides full-frame,sub-sampled,scaled or windowed 8-bit/10-bit images in a wide range of formats,controlled through the Serial Camera Control Bus (SCCB) interface.


  • Maxim resolution 1600 x 1200 UXGA at 15 fps
  • Maxim frame rate 30fps at SVGA, 60 fps at CIF
  • Optical size 1/4"
  • Onboard regulator for DVDD,DOVDD,AVDD, only single 3.3V supply needed
  • Output support for Raw RGB, RGB (GRB 4:2:2,RGB565/555), YUV (4:2:2) and YCbCr (4:2:2)formats
  • Supports image sizes: UXGA, SXGA, SVGA, and any size scaling down from SXGA to 40x30
  • Support real time JPEG compression
  • High sensitivity for low-light operation
  • Low operating voltage for embedded portable apps
  • Standard SCCB interface
  • Digital Video Port interface, 3.3V LVTTL compatible
  • 20pin 2.54mm(0.1") pin header connector
  • Easy intergrate with STM32,FPGA,DSP,Arduino etc.


  • Please contact the seller for more information with the pinout or mating connector and camera adapter board.