1.3MP MT9M001 Infrared HD CMOS Camera Module with Adapter Board



  • Microsoft xbox360 Kinect original monochrome infrared camera module
  • Maxim resolution 1280 x 1024 SXGA at 30 fps
  • Maxim frame rate 30fps
  • Shutter type: Electronic rolling shutter (ERS)
  • Optical size 1/2"
  • ADC resolution 10-bit
  • Supports image sizes: SXGA, VGA, QVGA, CIF, QCIF, etc
  • Extreme High sensitivity for low-light operation
  • Low operating voltage for embedded portable apps
  • Standard I2C two wire interface
  • Digital Video Port interface
  • 34 pin golden finger FPC cable connector
  • Easy intergrate with STM32,FPGA,DSP,Arduino etc.


  • Digital still cameras
  • Digital video cameras
  • PC cameras
  • Can be used in Arduino, Maple, ChipKit, STM32, ARM, DSP, FPGA platforms


  • Please contact the seller for more information with the pinout or mating connector.