Arducam 140 Degree Ultra Wide Angle 1/2.3″ M12 Lens with Lens Adapter for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

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In order to meet the new demands of the lens to work with Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, Arducam selected and tested a wide range of M12 mount lenses from long focus to fisheye for shooting on your Rpi HQ cameras. It’s now much easier for you to get the best lens you’ll need, and we will keep the lens list growing in the near future.


Why S-mount lenses are ideal for the RPi High Quality Camera:

  • Lightweight: It’s tiny and takes less space than the official lenses.
  • Cost-effective: You get more options with the equivalent amount of money.
  • Project-centric: Different projects lead to different lens requirements, you need lenses with certain FoVs for specific needs as the notion of one-lens-fits-all gets impractical from time to time.
  • OEM-ready: Unlike C/CS mount lenses, M12 lenses are highly customizable in regards to product designs.

We have six M12 mount lenses available for the HQ camera, you can find the all-in-one kit here.


    Lens Specification

    • Model No: M23272M14
    • Optical Format: 1/2.3”
    • Focal Length: 2.72mm
    • Aperture: F2.5
    • Field of View (FOV): 140° (H)
    • Mount: M12 mount
    • Back Focal Length: 3.01mm
    • MOD: 0.2m
    • Dimension: Φ17.20×17mm
    • Weight: 8g
    • IR Sensitivity: sensitive to visible light, with 650nm IR filter



    3D drawing.step



    Package including

    • 1pcs 1/2.3″ M12 140 degree ultra wide angle camera Lens
    • 1pcs M12 lens adapter

    How to purchase

    You can purchase this item from Arducam distributor

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