64MP PDAF&CDAF Autofocus Camera for Raspberry Pi

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  • 64 Megapixels: first camera module for RPi offering specs matching smartphones.
  • Autofocus: most versatile AF (Manual/Continuous/etc.) experience on a Pi camera.
  • 10x Digital Zoom: ePTZ support for super close-up views and captures.
  • libcamera-ready: native software compatibility with a v1/v2-like form factor.
  • Smooth Upgrade: works on most Pis with a CSI-2 connection.

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64-megapixel ultra high-resolution autofocus camera module exclusively built for the latest and future generations of Raspberry Pis.

By bringing a sensor inside modern-day flagship phones to Raspberry Pi. you can take DSLR-like still images at the maximum resolution of 9152 x 6944. And with an autofocus lens, the ePTZ, and the upcoming continuous-autofocus features.

You now get more horsepower to build more applications, to cover more industries, to unlock more fields, at a much lower cost.

For seasoned makers, Pi Hawk-eye is designed to ensure you a smooth upgrade, it is compatible with everything you already have: the v1/v2 form-factor, the MIPI CSl-2 connection, the latest libcamera software, the standard tripod mount. etc.

Even if you are using Raspberry Pi for the first time, you can follow the hands-on guide without hassle.


Test Footage


Optical Size1/1.7" 9.25mm Diagonal(7.4×5.55mm)
Focus TypeManual/Auto
Sensor Resolution9152×6944
Color FilterQuad Bayer Coding(QBC)
Focal Length5.1mm
View Angle84 Degrees (Diagonal)
Dimensions25×24 mm
Shutter TypeRolling
Sensor Output FormatsRAW10
Video Modes (Camera Module)*9152×[email protected], 8000×6000@3fps, 4624×3472@10fps, 3840×2160@20fps, 2312×1736@30fps, 1920×1080@60fps, 1280×720@120fps
Platform Output FormatsJPEG/YUV/RGB/RAW10
Video Modes (on Raspberry Pi)1080p30,720p60 and 640×480p60/90
Supported PlatformsRaspberry Pi 5/4B/Pi 2/3/CM3/CM4/Zero W/Zero 2 W
Raspberry Pi OSbookworm/bullseye(32-bit/64-bit) 01/28/22 or later releases




*Only kernel version 6.1.21 and later support 48MP and PDAF
**Raspberry Pi 2/3/Zero W may not be able to enable 9152×6944 and 8000×6000 due to RAM, please make sure your platform has more than or equal to 1G of RAM.

Packing List

  • 1 x 64MP-AF Camera Board
  • 1 x 15cm 22-22pin FPC Cable
  • 1 x 15cm 15-22pin FPC Cable

*Raspberry Pi and tripod are not included.
**To use the camera on Pi Zero and 2 W, you need this.


Is this camera compatible with all Raspberry Pi Models?
For full resolution (64MP), this camera can work on Pi 4B, CM4, and future models. For superpixel resolution (16MP) or lower, it can work on most of the Pi models.
Is the IR-cut filter removable?
No, it is build-in you can not remove the IR-CUT filter.
Will there be a NoIR version?
No, we have no plans for a NoIR version, you can use the Arducam 16MP-NoIR instead.

See the full list of FAQs >

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