1/1.8” 4K 4.41mm M12 Lens for OS08A10,OS08A20 and more image sensors with large optical format- Arducam

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In order to meet the new demands of the lens to work with more image sensors with the large optical format and high resolution, Arducam selected and tested a wide range of 4K M12-mount lenses from long focus to wide angle for shooting on your high quality cameras. It’s now much easier for you to get the best lens you’ll need, and we will keep the lens list growing in the near future. 

This 4.41mm F/2.7  M12 lens provides an 80° Horizontal Field of View on 1/2.3″ sensors.

Lens Specification

Model No:M18441H10
Optical Format: ~9.0mm Image circle(Up to 1/1.8”)
Effective Focal Length: 4.41mm
Back Focal Length: 7.33mm
HFOV on 1/1.8″ Camera: 100°
HFOV on 1/2.3″ Camera:80°
IR Sensitivity:  With 650nm IR filter, sensitive to visible light
Construction: 7G+IR
MOD: 0.3m
Mount:M12 x P0.5
Length Holder Height:12~14.5mm
Dimension: ф17 x 22.31mm
See Datasheet for more values 

Other 4K Lens options

Part numberM1825ZH02SM1816ZH02SM1812ZH03SM18850M04SM18550H06SM18450H09M18441H10M18393H11M18370H12M18360H13
Optical Format1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"1/1.8"
35mm EFL136.7288.4762.7746.8929.9518.00 15.10 12.1410.398.39
F/NO2.8 2.8 2.8 3.0 2.8 2.0 2.72.0 1.72.0 
HFoV on 1/1.8" Cam15°23°32°42°62°90°100°112°120°130°
HFoV on 1/2.3" Cam14°20°28°36°55°75°80°90°100°100°
Lens Holder Height12~14.5mm10~12mm10~12mm6~7mm12~14.5mm10~12mm12~14.5mm12~14.5mm14.5mm default10~12mm
IR filter650nm650nm650nm650nm650nm650nm650nm650nm650nm650nm
MountM12 x P0.5M12 x P0.5M12 x P0.5M12 x P0.5M12 x P0.5M12 x P0.5M12 x P0.5M12 x P0.5M12 x P0.35M12 x P0.5
Working Wavelength400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm400-700nm
Size(mm)ф14 x 20.25ф14 x 13.73ф14 x 13.10ф14 x 11.94ф20 x 22.53ф20 x 25.21ф17 x 22.31ф14 x 17.09ф17 x 22.97ф17.0 x 17.93

Package Contents

  • 1pcs Arducam 1/1.8″ 4K M12 Mount 4.41mm Focal Length Camera Lens M18441H10
  • 1pcs M12 lens adapter

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