Arducam KingKong, All-in-one Raspberry Pi CM4 AI Camera Kit

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  • Authorised by Raspberry Pi and awarded Powered by Raspberry Pi logo.
  • Smart AI Camera Kit: Raspberry Pi CM4, OAK SOM BW1099, AR0234 camera for seamless AI.
  • Global Shutter Precision: AR0234 color global shutter camera with M12 Lens.
  • Plug & Play Ease: Ready-to-use kit with pre-installed software and demos.
  • Versatile Connectivity: HDMI, GPIO, USB, Wi-Fi/PoE options for flexible access.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: CNC enclosure ensures optimal performance.
  • Not yet decided? Contact us and customization is welcome.


Arducam KingKong has been authorized by Raspberry Pi and awarded the prestigious “Powered by Raspberry Pi” logo. This recognition underscores KingKong’s seamless integration and compatibility with Raspberry Pi, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for users.

Arducam’s debut in the Pivistation Family introduces a smart AI camera seamlessly uniting Raspberry Pi CM4(4GB RAM Lite 2.4/5.0GHz Wifi&Bluetooth 5.0 CM4104000) and OAK SOM BW1099, unlocking limitless AI potential. This fusion establishes a dynamic platform for cutting-edge vision applications, catering to AI enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Precision imaging is attained through a global shutter camera. The AR0234 color global shutter camera, equipped with an M12 lens, guarantees distortion-free and accurate imaging, featuring external trigger functionality. Tailored for applications requiring precise and synchronized image acquisition, this kit excels in capturing fast-moving objects with unparalleled clarity.

Encased in metal, the enclosure not only enhances heat dissipation but also simplifies core module and camera assembly. With pre-installed software, demos, and an included SD card, users effortlessly delve into AI programming projects. Versatile connectivity options, including HDMI, GPIO, USB ports, and Wi-Fi/Power over Ethernet, provide seamless access to Raspberry Pi hardware functions, ensuring adaptability in project development and integration.


  • Face Recognition
  • Fatigue Detection
  • Object Recognition
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Hand Tracker
  • Pose Estimation Example


  • Powerful AI Integration: Arducam AI Camera Kit combines Raspberry Pi CM4 and OAK SOM BW1099 for seamless AI processing, unlocking advanced vision applications.
  • Global Shutter Precision: Equipped with AR0234 color global shutter camera, offering distortion-free imaging with M12 Lens and external trigger support.
  • Pre-Installed Software: Arducam KingKong comes equipped with a comprehensive suite of pre-installed software, including OpenCV, TensorFlow, Web UI, RTSP Streaming. This software arsenal enhances versatility and empowers users with a range of tools for various imaging and AI tasks.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: Exclusive metal enclosure efficiently merges core module and camera, ensuring optimal heat dissipation for sustained performance.
  • Versatile Connectivity: HDMI, GPIO, USB ports, and included antenna provide easy access to Raspberry Pi hardware functions, along with Wi-Fi/Power-over-Ethernet connectivity options.


Image Sensor
Image SensorAR0234
Still Resolution2.3 Megapixels
Color Filter TypeColor
Shutter TypeGlobal Shutter
Optical Size1/2.6″
Pixel Size3 µm x 3 µm
Sensor Active area1920(H)×1200(V)
Output FormatRAW10/YUV/NV12/RGB
Video Modes4056×3040@30fps,
Focus TypeManual
Focal Length3.6mm
Field of View(FOV)120°(D)×90°(H)×75°(V)
Lens MountM12 (S-Mount)
IR SensitivityIntegral IR-cut Filter,
visible light only
Electrical and Mechanical
Overall Size90 × 45 × 73 mm
Operating Temp.-20°C and 50°C
Power Requirements5V 1A
Functionality and Compatibility
Supported OSRaspberry Pi OS
Supported PlatformsRaspberry Pi CM4
ISP SupportSupported by Raspberry Pi
External TriggerSupport

Package Including

  • 1× Arducam Raspberry Pi CM4 Camera Kit


  • Tripod is not included in the package, please check UB0224 and UB0216 for additional purchase.
  • The kit requires a power supply with a default output of 5V. It is recommended to use the official Raspberry Pi power supply (5V 3.1A).



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