About Us

ArduCAM is dedicated to open-source hardware and software, designed and manufactured in China especially for Arduino and Raspberry Pi camera solutions. We also offer customized turnkey design and manufacturing solution services for customers who want their products to be unique.

Research & Development

Arducam has a well-trained R&D team with qualified personnel. The hardware covers MCU, ARM, FPGA, DSP schematic and PCB layout. The firmware covers the low-layer driver and embedded system design. The application engineers implement the PC and mobile phone Apps. The mechanical engineers create the industrial enclosure. With this all-in-one team, we have the confidence to provide excellent support for customers from the very beginning.


Arducam loves to share ideas and innovations.
With the help of the strong technical background of the R&D team, we can provide customized design from hardware, embedded firmware, mechanical design to backend PC and mobile phone Apps turnkey solution.
We wish to help our customers make their products unique and competitive.


Arducam not only has a small lab to build quick prototypes in days but also has local sophisticated SMT/Assembling factory partners who can help with large quantities build capacities, quality controls, and certification.

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