Best multi-camera solutions for Raspberry Pi

From camera multiplexing to quad-camera synchronization.

Stereo Camera Series for embedded hardware 1
Quad Camera Series for embedded systems 1
Multiplexers for mipi csi 2 cameras
Customization services 1

Stereo Camera Series

  • Stereoscopic vision cameras inspired by V1/V2/HQ and global shutter sensors.
  • Synchronized at frame-level.
  • Variable and fixed baseline options.
  • Various M7/M12/CS/C mount lens options.
Stereo Camera Series 1
Quad Camera Series 1

Quad-Camera Series

  • 4-channel Camera kits built with mono/color global shutter cameras.
  • Works with any Pi model.
  • Synchronized at frame-level.
  • Variable baseline and cable length options.

Camera Multiplexers

  • Camera multiplexer boards support 1~4 cameras in sequence for still images.
  • Compatible with V1/V2/HQ and any other sensors.
  • Works with any Pi model.
  • Flexible lens options.
Multiplexers 1
Customization for multi raspberry pi cameras


  • Support for any sensors.
  • Well tuned ISP effects for RPi.
  • Custom lens and filter options.
  • Tailored module form-factor.
  • Customizable cable length, shape and pinout.
  • Camera housing design using CNC/Injection molding.

Stereo/Quad-Scopic Vision Applications

Depth Mapping for ros and opencv

Depth Mapping

Panoramic Photo and Video with two cameras

Panoramic Photo/Video

3D Imaging with synchronized cameras

3D Imaging

Visual SLAM and Visual Inertial SLAM


Virtual Reality with multiple cameras

Virtual Reality

3D FPV w multiple cameras


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