Presale – Arducam 2MP Ultra Low Light STARVIS IMX290 Motorzied IR-CUT Camera for Raspberry Pi

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  • Low Light: Ultra low light Sony STARVIS IMX290 sensor
  • Motorized IR-Cut: Motorized IR-CUT function under different lighting condition
  • Native to Raspberry Pi: No need to install additional driver
  • High Frame Rate: 90fps at 1280×720 resolution, 46fps at 1920×1080



The camera uses the Sony Low Light STARVIS IMX290 sensor which is a diagonal 6.46 mm (Type 1/2.8) CMOS active pixel type solid state image sensor with square pixel array and 2.13 million effective pixels. The chip uses analog 2.9 V, digital 1.2 V, and interface 1.8 V. This highly sensitive low-light camera can capture extremely sharp images with minimal noise at extremely low light conditions. It features low power consumption and high functionality. It can achieve high sensitivity, low dark current and no smear. The sensor applies R, G, and B primary color mosaic filters, as well as a variable electronic shutter.


  • Surveillance cameras
  • FA cameras
  • Industrial cameras
  • Autonomous mobile robots, UGV/UAV, ADAS, etc.


  • Input frequency: 74.25 MHz / 37.125 MHz
  • Pixels: Approx. 1920 (H) × 1080 (V) 2.07 million pixels
  • Maximum frame rate in Full HD 1080p mode: 30 fps
  • Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function: Multiple exposure WDR, Digital Overlay WDR
  • 10-bit/12-bit A/D converter
  • CSI-2 serial data output: 2 Lane, RAW10 / RAW12 output


Optical SizeType 1/2.8” (Diagonal 6.46 mm)
Pixel Size2.9μm×2.9μm
Shutter TypeRolling Shutter
Max Sensor Resolution1920 x 1080
Color Filter ArrayBayer RGB
Resolution and Frame RateRAW10: 1920×[email protected];1280×[email protected], RAW12: 1920×[email protected];1280×[email protected]
Supported PlatformPi 4/3/Zero/CM3/CM4
Output FormatRAW10/RAW12
Focus TypeManual
Lens MountM12 Mount
Effective Focal Length4.3±5%mm
Back Focal Length5.43±0.2mm
FOV(Field of View)80°H
IR SensitivityMotorized IR-CUT
Camera Board Size38mmx38mm


Among the Sony STARVIS series sensors, IMX290, IMX462, and IMX327 are some of the more popular ones. Though they are all belong to the STARVIS series, there are some differences between them. Please see the following table about the similarities and differences:

Mega Pixel2.10 MP2.07 MP2.07 MP
Max resolution1920×10801920×10801920×1080
Optical Size1/2.81/2.81/2.8
Pixel Size2.9μm×2.9μm2.9μm×2.9μm2.9μm×2.9μm
G Sensitivity*10471548610471
Max Frame Rate12012060
NIR sensitivity (850 nm) *~1~0.5~0.5

G Sensitivity*: Gravity sensitivity is an important indicator of camera performance in low light conditions. Higher the G sensitivity, better is the low light performance.
NIR sensitivity*:NIR imaging performance is one of the most crucial features for smart surveillance, smart traffic monitoring, and agricultural applications.

  • If low light sensitivity is your key requirement, then choosing IMX462(B0423) and IMX327(B0425) will better suit your requirements
  • If you need a higher frame rate for your project, then the higher frame rate IMX462(B0423) and IMX290 (B0424) will be your first choice
  • Among the above three sensors, IMX462 has relatively high near-infrared sensitivity. If you need this feature more, it is recommended that you choose IMX462 (B0423)

Package Including

  • 1 x IMX290 Motorized IR-CUT Camera Module
  • 1 x 150mm 15pin to 22pin flex cable


  • This product uses an interchangeable M12 lens, for more options about M12 lens, please click:LK001
  • For any issues when using the camera, you can directly contact [email protected] .
  • If you have any custom requirements for this camera module, you can directly contact [email protected] for help.