MT9P111 1/4-Inch 5megapixels System-on-a-Chip (Soc) Cmos Digital Image Sensor Camera Module

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  • DigitalClarity CMOS imaging technology
  • Superior low-light performance
  • Ultra-low-power, low-cost
  • Anti-shake support
  • One time programmable (OTP) memory for automatic positional gain adjustments and other uses
  • Serial mobile industry processor interface (MIPI) data output
  • Integrated real-time JPEG encoder
  • Flexible support for external auto focus
  • Internal master clock generated by on-chip phase-locked loop (PLL) oscillator
  • Electronic rolling shutter (ERS), progressive scan
  • Integrated image flow processor (IFP) for single-die camera module
  • Automatic image correction and enhancement
  • Selectable output data format: YCbCr, 565RGB, 555RGB, 444RGB, JPEG 4:2:2, processed Bayer, RAW8- and RAW10-bit
  • Output FIFO for data rate equalization
  • Programmable I/O slew rate
  • Xenon and LED flash support with fast exposure adaptation
  • Configurable gamma correction based on scene brightness
  • Arbitrary image scaling with anti-aliasing
  • Two-wire serial interface providing access to registers and microcontroller memory, additional serial interface under user control
  • Includes internal VCM driver and access to internal A/D converter





  • Cellular phones
  • PC cameras
  • PDAs

Package Including

  • 1pcs MT9P111 1/4-Inch 5MegaPixels System-On-A-Chip (SOC) CMOS Digital Image Sensor camera module

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