HM01B0 QVGA Monochrome DVP Camera Module for Arduino GIGA R1 WIFI Board

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  • Cost-Effective: Low cost with high performance.
  • Compact Size: Save your space on MCU boards.
  • Simple for All: Set up and access with simple operations.
  • High Sebsitivity: 3.6µ BrightSense pixel technology for high low light sensitivity.
  • Ultra Low Power: Ultra low power consumption to save more.
  • Contact [email protected] for instructions before use.


This camera is based on HM01B0 QVGA monochrome rolling shutter image sensor. The sensor is an Ultra Low Power Image Sensor designed for Always-on vision devices and applications. With high light sensitivity and  on-chip self oscillator, you can get better image quality under diifferent light conditions.
The low power consumption camera module is equipped with a 60°(D) stock Lens. It supports RAW6/8 output format. The standrad operating temperature is between -30~85℃, with the stable Image temp. between 0~50℃.
It is fully compatible with Arduino GIGA R1 board, a professional-grade microcontroller development board recently launched by Arduino. Seamlessly integrates with our camera module, unlocking versatile image capture and processing capabilities. Harness the power of Arduino GIGA R1 and gain a competitive edge in your projects.


  • Machine/Computer Vision
  • Robotics
  • IoT
  • Digital Fabrication
  • Real-time Processing


  • Cost-Effective: Affordable solution for implementing visual capabilities in cost-sensitive projects.
  • Compact Size: Compact form factor enables integration into space-constrained applications.
  • Simplify Embedded Vision for All: Easy to set up and operate. Making it possible to add machine vision to your GIGA R1 board without much effort at all.
  • High Sensitivity: High low-light sensitivity 3.6µ BrightSenseTM pixel technology. With on-chip self oscillator.
  • Ultralow Power Consumption: Efficient power usage, making it suitable for battery-powered and energy-efficient applications.


Image SensorHM01B0
Optical Size1/11”
Number of effective pixels320(H) × 320(V)
Pixel Size3.6μm × 3.6μm
Support PlatformArduino GIGA R1 WIFI Board
Shutter TypeElectronic Rolling Shutter
Color Filter ArrayMonochrome and Bayer
Frame Rate320×240/160×120@30fps
Output FormatRAW8
Focus TypeFixed Focus
Focal Length1.47mm
Field of View(FOV)60°(D)
Power SupplyAVDD: 2.8V; DOVDD: 1.8V; DVDD: 1.5V
Operating Temperature-30~85℃
Camera Board Size30.5mm x 30.5mm

Package Including

  • 1 x Arducam QVGA 20-pin DVP HM01B0 Monochrome CCM Camera Module


  • No platform board is included in the package


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