Arducam IoTai ESP32 CAM WiFi Bluetooth PSRAM Development Board with Camera Module OV2640

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  • Arducam IoTai is based on the ESP-32S module, uses onboard 4MByte PSRAM and 2MP OV2640 camera module, which makes it possible to capture and process the image.
  • Fully compliant with WiFi 802.11b/g/n/e/i and Bluetooth 4.2 standards, supports both Arduino IDE and ESP-IDF software development tools and keeps the same form of factors and pinout as the standard Arduino UNO R3 board.
  • Powered by micro USB or lithium battery supports lithium battery recharging.
  • The onboard camera interface can directly connect most of the parallel port cameras like OV2640, OV7670, OV7725 and etc. This board can also work with Arducam multi-camera adapter (SKU: B012001), which makes this board can connect multiple SPI cameras (up to 4).
  • Supports face detection and recognition in low frame rate, supports three low power wake-up modes, very suitable for home security, industrial wireless control, and other IoT applications.
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SKU: B0192 Category: Tags: , , ,



Arducam ESP32 PSRAM (Arducam IoTai) is an upgrade to its predecessor ESP32 board. It’s a solution to IoT (Internet of Things) and simple AI (Artificial Intelligence) applications based on ESP-32. This board incorporates an external 4MByte PSRAM that enlarges the RAM space and makes image capture and processing possible. The camera interface now can directly connect most of the parallel port cameras without additional hardware, like OV2640, OV7670, OV7725, etc.

The board supports both Arduino IDE and ESP-IDF software development tools, keeps the same form of factors and pinout as the standard Arduino UNO R3 board, and makes the Arduino shields reusable. With the onboard USB to serial chip, it supports firmware one-click-download.

The board is also designed for battery-powered portable devices with its onboard battery charging circuits and supports lithium battery power supply. The SD card slot is an extra add-on for those advanced applications that require larger storage.

Based on open-source face detection and recognition library, it supports face detection and recognition at low frame rate. Its low power feature makes it an ideal solution for home security and IoT camera applications. Arducam team also provides customized design and manufacture services, contact us for more information.


    • Built-in ESP-32S Module
    • Support 802.11b/g/n/e/I and Bluetooth 4.2
    • Onboard 4MByte PSRAM, 32Mbit Flash
    • Parallel camera interface with onboard 2MP OV2640 camera module
    • 24 digital input/output pins, IO ports are 3.3V tolerant
    • 16 channels LEDC which is PWM
    • 8 channels SigmaDelta which uses SigmaDelta modulation
    • 2 channels DAC which gives a real analog output
    • Lithium battery input 3.7V
    • Battery recharging 3.7V/500mA max
    • Building in SD/TF card socket
    • Build-in USB-Serial download interface
    • Support ESP-IDF and Arduino IDE software develop tools
    • Supports three low power wake-up modes

Package Including:

  • 1pcs Arducam ESP32 PSRAM board with OV2640 camera
  • Pin headers
  • 2-pin battery connector



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2 reviews for Arducam IoTai ESP32 CAM WiFi Bluetooth PSRAM Development Board with Camera Module OV2640

  1. Seth

    This is a great board. I used an ESP32-CAM module before this board and had several problems with that one plus programming was a hassle. This board makes programming extremely easy with the built in USB circuit and the camera works much better than my other board. The battery connector works great and works as an UPS (can disconnect USB power and battery will take over without interrupting operation). Very robust and feature rich board, highly recommend it!

  2. Skip

    Just got the board a few weeks ago, and I was able to stream video to my Blyink application on my iPhone. It was a struggle since almost no documentation exists for this board. and several of the examples don’t work, as they are for the ESP32 uno board. Having the USB port is great for programming – not an issue. However finding I/o ports that don’t conflict with either the camera or SD card appears to be an issue.

    Some documentation would go a long way to ease the development.
    for example what are the GPIO mappings to the board pins?

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