18MP AR1820HS Pivariety camera module for RPi 4B, 3B+, 3A+, CM3/CM4 and NVIDIA Jetson Nano/NX and Jetson Orin NX

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  • High Resolution: 18MP AR1820HS color sensor, up to 4986 x [email protected]
  • ISP Support: Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, lens shading.
  • Gstreamer support.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatible with all libcamera-based apps maintained by the RPi foundation.



Arducam Pivariety is a Raspberry Pi camera solution to take the advantage of using its hardware ISP functions. Using Arducam Pivariety camera modules, users can get better performance and a wider variety of camera, lens options. For a long time, Raspberry Pi users are limited to use the closed-source official supported camera driver and camera modules (V1/V2/HQ). Now Arducam made it possible to provide well-tuned ISP for Pivariety camera modules with Auto Exposure, Auto White Balance, Lens Shading Correction, etc.

Currently, NVIDIA official has released the NVIDIA Jetson Orin series developer board. Based on it, we have also adapted Arducam Jetvariety camera into NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX kernel.


  • Digital video cameras
  • Digital still cameras
  • Industrial camera
  • Medical camera
  • Microscopy camera
  • UAV camera


Sensor Type18MP AR1820HS
Pixel Size1.25um x 1.25um
Optical Size1/2.3”
Active Pixels4912(H)x3684(V)
Sensor Output FormatRAW10
ISP Output FormatJPG, YUV420, RAW, DNG; MJPEG, H.264
Interface Type2-lane MIPI CSI-2
Video Frame RateH.264 Max. [email protected] x 1080
Frame Rates4986 x [email protected] 2432 x [email protected] 1920 x [email protected] 1216 x [email protected]
Resolution&Frame Rate(NVIDIA Orin NX)2432 x [email protected], 1920 x [email protected], 1216 x [email protected]
Focal Length3.9mm
Focus TypeManual
IR SensitivityIntegral IR filter, visible light only
Board Size40mm x 40mm

    Package Including

    • 1 x Arducam 18MP AR1820HS ISP Camera Module
    • 1 x 150mm 15pin 1.0mm to 22pin 0.5mm pitch FPC cable
    • 1 x acrylic case kit with assembly accessories


    Acrylic Bracket Assembly Guide

    Acrylic Bracket Assembly Guide.pdf

    3D drawing.step

    3D drawing.step

    Pivariety Camera

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    Arducam Jetvariety Camera for NVIDIA Orin NX


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