Arducam OG02B10 2MP Global Shutter USB Camera Evaluation Kit – 1/2.9-inch Color M12 Camera Module with USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus


Item Description:

To help customers evaluate the cameras or build a prototype with your own circuits without dealing with fine pin pitch flex cable or soldering balls, Arducam released the evaluation kit with camera breakout boards and Arducam USB2/USB3 camera shield without writing a single line of code.
The Arducam OG02B10 color global shutter supports embedded systems such as PC and Raspberry Pi well, and can also provide customized support TK/TX boards for Odroid, Beaglebone Black, and Nvidia JETSON.


  • Augmented and virtual reality
  • Drones
  • 3D imaging
  • Machine vision
  • Industrial bar code scanning
  • Industrial automation


  • Sensor: Color global shutter OG02B10
  • Pixel Size: 3 μm x 3 μm
  • Active array size: 1600H×1300V
  • Optical Size: 1/2.9 inch
  • Output formats: 8/10-bit BW RAW
  • Frame Rate: 1600×[email protected]; 1600×[email protected]; 1280×[email protected]
  • Lens: M12 lens mount, focal length of 2.8mm±5%, F/2.8±5%, 110 degrees horizontal field of view (HFoV)
  • IR Sensitivity: Integral IR filter, visible light only
  • Board Size: 40mm x 40mm


    OG02B10 MIPI Camera with USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus

    1.Introduction Arducam USB3 camera Shield board is the latest super high-speed USB camera expansion board, which provides improved performance and enhanced functions than the previous USB2.0 camera expansion board. It not only supports high resolution Read more…



    Package Including:

    • 1 pcs Arducam OG02B10 1/2.9-inch Color M12 Camera Module
    • 1 pcs Arducam USB3.0 Camera Shield Plus
    • 1 pcs USB3 Cable