Arducam Lens Calibration Tool, Field of View (FoV) Test Chart Folding Card, Pack of 2

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  • Multifunctional for Lens: Calibrate lens focus, measure the FoV and estimate the sharpness
  • Easy to Use: Quick setup in seconds and measuring in minutes with the online video tutorial.
  • A Handy Tool: Easily getting the Field of View of the lens without calculation
  • Clean and Tidy: Foldable card style, folded and unwrapped repeatedly for quick setting and better storage


Are you still frustrated with calculating the FOV of your lenses and the out of focus images? Arducam now released a multifunctional tool for Lens, which will help you get the Field of View of the lens without calculation and calibrate the lens focus quickly and easily.


  • Focus calibration, sharpness estimation and field of view quick measuring for M12, CS-Mount, C-Mount, and DSLR lenses

        Package Contents

        • 2*Foldable Lens Calibration Card

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