Arducam Case and Tripod Bundle for Stereo Camera Module B0263, B0264

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This case and tripod bundle are designed for Arducam stereo camera modules B0263 B0264. For other applications, please check the dimension carefully.

There is a bubble level built in the case to help you adjust the angle accurately to get a decent shot position.

The included tripod is mini and lightweight with a standard 1/4″ mount screw. It also has a ball head, so as to twist the camera module conveniently. The three telescoping legs have 2 variable heights for different requirements.



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    Package Including

    • 1 set resin case for the stereo camera module
    • 1pcs lightweight tripod
    • 4pcs M2*12 screws

    How to purchase

    You can purchase this item from Arducam distributors

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