Arducam 2.3MP*2 AR0234 Color Global Shutter Synchronized Stereo Camera Bundle Kit for Raspberry Pi

$ 259.99

  • Based on color global shutter CMOS AR0234
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi 5/4B
  • Complete Synchronized: up to 2 cameras capturing at the same time.
  • Color Global Shutter: Excellent detail and sensitivity for real-time, higher accuracy and frame rates
  • Better Control: single/dual channel modes.


This Arducam stereo camera bundle kit consists of two synched AR0234 global shutter cameras and an Arducam Camarray stereo camera HAT.

As a stereo bundle system, it enables simultaneously working dual cameras with a variable baseline for better prototyping and evaluation with a single MIPI CSI camera slot: The two image sensors are on separate camera boards, and you easily move them around for different perspectives while the Camarray HAT handles the rest of the work.


  • Head, and eye tracking
  • Gesture detection
  • Motion detection
  • 3D reconstruction
  • Depth-related vision applications


  • Precision Sync: Based on AR0234, a color global shutter CMOS,  ensuring flawless synchronization.  
  • Rapid Capture: Leveraging the low-latency capabilities of the global shutter, it achieves a swift 94fps frame rate for seamless imaging.
  • Trigger Flexibility: This camera supports an external trigger function, enhancing control and adaptability to diverse scenarios.
  • Crisp Clear Vision: Fitted with an M12 low distortion lens, ensuring sharp and undistorted images for accurate analysis.
  • Supported by Raspberry Pi, only install arducam-pivariety driver for hassle-free integration.


Image Sensor
Image SensorAR0234
Still Resolution2.3 Megapixels
Color Filter TypeColor
Shutter TypeGlobal Shutter
Optical Size1/2.6″
Pixel Size3 µm x 3 µm
Sensor Active Area1920(H)×1200(V)
Output FormatRAW10
Video Modes
(on Raspberry Pi)
2560×720@94fps, 3840×1080@38fps, 3840×1200@38fps
IR SensitivityIntegral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Focus TypeManual
Focal Length3.6mm
Field of View (FOV)120°(D)×90°(H)×75°(V)
Lens MountM12-mount
Default Focus Range2m-infinite
Electrical and Mechanical
Working CurrentMax 380 mA
Camera Board Size40 ×40 mm
Camarray Hat Size65×56 mm
Functionality and Compatibility
Supported OSRaspberry Pi OS
Supported PlatformsRaspberry Pi
ISP SupportSupported by Raspberry Pi
External TriggerSupport
Aggregate modeFull Spelling Combine

Package Including

  • 2 x Arducam AR0234 Camera Module
  • 1 x UC-512 Camarray HAT
  • 2 x 15cm 22-22pin FFC Camera Cable
  • 1 x 30cm 22-22pin FFC Cable
  • 1 x 73mm 15-22pin Camera Cable
  • 1 x Screw Pack


  • The kit does not include the Raspberry Pi Board.
  • The AR0234 cameras included in the kit are exclusively designed and can only be utilized with the Camarray HAT. Directly connecting any of them to the Raspberry Pi will not function.
  • This bundle kit is not recommended for Raspberry Pi Zero.
  • The I2C signal and clock of each camera are fully synchronized. It is unavailable to capture the same frame of images at different exposure times for each camera.
  • The lens on this camera is not interchangeable, if you need to replace the lens, please contact sales in advance!
  • The kit only supports the latest Raspberry Pi OS and libcamera apps. Legacy OS users should contact sales for support.
  • Note for Supported Raspberry Pi Boards and OS
    Raspberry Pi 5  
    Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3A+ 
    Raspberry Pi CM3 / CM3+ / CM4
    (extra carrier board required)


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