Arducam 1/4″ M12 Mount 2.1mm Focal Length Low Distortion Camera Lens M40210M09S

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  • Low Distortion M12 Mount lens mainly   for Arduino and Raspberry Pi cameras, please contact us for other platform.
  • Why we need it: In case you’re disappointed with the fixed official cameras and want precise control of what gets into the frame of your image – like how wide and how close it is
  • What else is needed: It makes a perfect combo with “Arducam B0031 or B0103”, a more flexible and slightly larger camera module for Raspberry Pi that uses M12 lenses to frame up the best image. You can’t use this lens directly with the official Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 because an M12 holder or 18/20mm hole spacing of the camera board is required
  • How to use it: Get a camera with an M12 lens holder, and screw one lens slowly into the M12 lens holder until you see a clear and sharp image on a video screen. Screw it out a little if you want to shoot objects close to the camera.
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SKU: LN014 Categories: ,



  • Arducam Lens M40210M09S featuring low distortion
  • Module number:M40210M09S
  • Optical Format: 1/4” Distortion :<1%
  • Effective Focal Length:2.1mm
  • 35mm equivalent focal length: 22.71mm
  • FOV on 1/4”sensor(D/H/V):105°/80°/65°
  • FOV on 1/4”RPi Camera: 80°  F/NO: 2.2
  • Mount: M12   Length Holder Height: 7mm
  • Size: 14mm x13mm    Weight:3g
  • IR Sensitivity: sensitive to visible light, with 650nm IR filter

Mechanical drawing

Package including :

  • 1pcs Arducam 1/4″ M12 Mount 2.1mm Focal Length Low Distortion Camera Lens M40210M09S

Note :

  • Lens Holder NOT included, you need to order it seperately.
  • Typically lenses with a larger Field of View will require shorter holders, and that means you need to change the lens holder if the lens does not focus at all.

Lens holder options


SKUHeightHole SpacingMaterial
U0756M10 10mm20mmMetal






3D drawing.stp

3D drawing.stp


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