[Discontinued]12.3MP 477P Camera Module with M12 Lens for Raspberry Pi

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Discontinued, check alternative item B0262.

  • High-Res: Based on 12.3MP High resolution image sensor.
  • More than HD: Armed with a 75°(H) low distortion M12 Lens, capturing UHD images.
  • Flexible&Light: Same size as the RPI V1/V2/V3 camera module. especially suitable for narrow space.
  • Wide Compatibility: Compatable with all Raspberry Pi board(cable for Pi zero is included).
  • Raspberry Pi Native: No additional driver is needed. Support libcamera and Picamera library.



This Arducam 12MP camera module for Raspberry Pi has the same camera board size and mounting holes as the Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2, so there is no need to make hardware modifications to replace the 8MP IMX219 camera in hand.When your application is limited by the large size camera module, this camera can be convenient. Because it maintains the same imager performance and the same control commands as the official Raspberry Pi high-quality camera, while offering a smaller size and lighter weight, as well as interchangeable M12 lenses, it’s perfect for your drone application projects.
Arducam is committed to creating diverse and convenient camera solutions for embedded camera users. We are not only engaged in the production and development of optical products, but also strive to provide complete solutions for embedded cameras, optical components, etc.


  • UAV/Drones/FPV camera
  • Machine Vision
  • Robotics
  • Face Recognition
  • Defect Detection


  • High Quality Camera: Adopts 1/2.3″ 12 Megapixel sensor for sharp image. Max still resolution: 4056 x 3040.
  • Mini Sized HQ Cam: Same size (25*24mm) and mounting holes as the Raspberry Pi V2, but with better resolution (12 megapixels compared to 8 megapixels) and sensitivity (about 50% more area per pixel for improved low-light performance).
  • More Than Ultra HD: Come with an interchangeable M12 lens with a FOV of 75°(H) and low distortion, which can capture UHD images while maintaining reality.
  • Wide Compatibility for Pi: Not only compatible with Raspberry Pi 1, 2, 3A/B, and 4A/B, but also with Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero 2W.
  • Native to Raspberry Pi: Natively supported by Raspberry Pi. There is no need to install additional driver for this camera. Support libcamera and Picamera command.



Still Resolution12.3 Megapixels
Video Modes2028 × 1080p50, 2028 × 1520p40 and 1332 × 990p120
Sensor Resolution4056 x 3040 pixels
Sensor image area6.287mm x 4.712 mm (7.9mm diagonal)
Pixel Size1.55 µm x 1.55 µm
Optical Size1/2.3"
IR SensitivityIntegral IR-cut Filter, visible light only
Supported PlatformRaspberry Pi 5/4B/3B+/3/2/CM3/CM4/Zero W/Zero 2 W


Focus TypeManual Focus
Focal Length3.9mm
Field of View(FOV)88°(D)×75°(H)
Lens MountM12


Electrical & Mechanical

Camera Board Size25 × 24mm

Package Including

  • 1 x 477P Camera Module with M12 Lens
  • 1 x 150mm 15-22pin FPC Cable
  • 1 x 150mm 22-22pin FPC Cable


  • The package contains small contents, please keep it away from children to avoid accidental ingestion
  • After receiving the package, please confirm whether the contents of the package are consistent with the description
  • No Raspberry Pi board is included in the package


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