Unleashing Enhanced Drone Vision

Our Partnership with OpenHD

OpenHD is a groundbreaking open-source software solution designed for drones and other remote-controlled vehicles. It enables users to experience high-quality video streaming and telemetry data transmission with low latency and high reliability. Thanks to the hard work of its dedicated development team, OpenHD has become the go-to choice for drone enthusiasts and professionals alike, offering a level of performance and flexibility that was previously unavailable.

A Glance at One of Our Joint Test Flights

*Drones in the video are armed with Arducam Camera Modules

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Arducam is now proud to partner with OpenHD, the recognized industry leader, to help realize an overall enhanced drone vision experience with our four major technical advantages.

We have prioritized lightweight design to make the camera modules compact and agile. By reducing weight and optimizing form factors, we help contribute to the unrivaled portability of drones, allowing pilots to maneuver with precision and ease. The exceptional HDR image quality guarantees exceptional image quality with enhanced details, vivid colours, and balanced exposure, even in challenging lighting conditions. By utilizing advanced sensors and innovative algorithms, our camera modules excel in low-light applications, unlocking new possibilities for nighttime and low-illumination aerial photography. With the breathtaking high resolution, drone operators can capture breathtaking visuals with stunning clarity and showcase their creativity with uncompromised detail and precision.

This is a promising beginning. Together with OpenHD, we aim to elevate your drone operations anywhere and unleash your creative vision like never before.

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Big Performance, Light Weight: Unleash High Resolution with Compact Convenience.

Experience the extraordinary with our compact camera module featuring a large-format high-resolution sensor and a 120° DFOV wide-angle lens. Designed specifically for drones, this innovative module redefines your aerial vision, offering unparalleled performance and maneuverability. With its compact 24 x 25mm board size and only 4-gram weight, you can effortlessly capture breathtaking aerial footage, immersing yourself in the world of limitless possibilities.

SkyMaster HDR: Unleashing the True Potential of Aerial Photography.

Harnessing the power of HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology equivalent to the Raspberry Pi Camera Module 3, and armed with a 150° DFOV wide-angle M12 Lens, this camera module is a perfect companion for drones. It allows drone operators to capture stunning aerial visuals with exceptional detail, vibrant colours, and precise exposure, even in challenging lighting conditions. With its wide-angle lens, drone users can capture a broader perspective, expanding their creative possibilities and delivering immersive footage.

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Light Up the Night: Empowering Drones with Low-Light STARVIS Camera Module.

Equipped with the advanced SONY STARVIS IMX462 sensor, this module excels in capturing high-quality images in challenging dark environments. With its exceptional low-light performance, you can confidently explore new horizons and capture stunning visuals even in the darkest environments. A 160° DFOV Wide-Angle M12 Lens expands your field of view, allowing you to capture more in each frame.

High-Resolution SkyVision Pro: Unleash Aerial Photography Excellence.

Featuring a 16MP IMX519 sensor and a 140° DFOV wide-angle M12 Lens, it effortlessly captures stunning visuals with unrivaled detail and clarity. The wide-angle perspective allows for expansive aerial shots, immersing viewers in breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re capturing aerial photography or recording high-resolution video footage, this camera module ensures exceptional image quality, empowering your drone to showcase the world from a whole new perspective.

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These use cases are from public posts of Arducam users.

With Arducam IMX708
With Arducam IMX462

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