Industrial-Grade Board Cameras for Raspberry Pi

Enabling Raspberry Pi to a whole world of industrial applications.

Global Shutter Cameras
Rolling Shutter Cameras
Multi Cameras

Global Shutter Cameras

  • Monochrome and color global shutter sensors for industrial applications.
  • AE/AWB/AF are supported with RPI’s ISP tuning algorithms.
  • Various resolution and frame rate options.
  • Various M7/M12/CS/C mount lens options.
  • No IR filter and motorized IR-cut options.
  • Customized optical filter options range from UV to near infrared.
global shutter raspberry pi cameras
rolling shutter industrial cameras for pi

Rolling Shutter Cameras

  • Low cost CMOS sensors from Sony, ONSemi and Omnivision.
  • High resolution up to 21MP.
  • High frame rate up to 720p@180fps.
  • HDR camera option up to 140dB.
  • Auto focus stock lens with CCM form-factor.
  • Wide lens and filter options.

Multi-Camera Series

  • Multiplexer for using 1~4 cameras in sequence for still images.
  • Stereo camera for frame-level syncing.
  • Fixed and variable baselines.
  • Various lens choices.
multiple raspberry pi cameras
customization for raspberry pi cameras


  • Support for any sensors.
  • Well tuned ISP effects for RPi.
  • Custom lens and filter options.
  • Tailored module form-factor.
  • Customizable cable length, shape and pinout.
  • Camera housing design using CNC/Injection molding.
  • IP6x waterproof and anti-fog solutions.

Embedded Camera Solutions

Inspection Systems with embedded cameras 1

Inspection Systems

Scanning Systems with embedded vision cameras 1

Scanning Systems

UAVs and Drones using board cameras 12

UAVs and Drones Cameras

Multispectral and Hyperspectral Imaging 1

Multispectral & Hyperspectral Imaging

ANPR and ALPR with industrial board cameras 1


Medical Imaging with embedded vision solutions 1

Medical Imaging Cameras

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