OpenCV AI Kits, Cameras, and Pre-Trained Models

We work with Luxonis to bring the best hardware to power your OpenCV adventures.

OpenCV AI Kits
Cameras for OAK
AI Models
Customization for opencv ai kit

OpenCV AI Kits

  • Full collection of OAK-1 & OAK-D series.
  • Available in USB 3.0 and PoE interfaces.
  • Official aluminum housing options or bare board w/ community enclosures.
  • Exclusive OAK + Arducam bundles.
OpenCV AI Kits and models
cameras for opencv ai kits

Cameras for OAK

  • Wide range of ready-made sensor choices.
  • Alternative NoIR modules for night vision applications.
  • Various lens selections for different FoVs.
  • Optional autofocus support.

AI Models

  • Free, off-the-shelf models at your fingertips.
  • Support for various detection and recognition tasks.
  • Custom-build or sell your own models.
  • Support for on-device or cloud deployment.
ai models compatible with opencv ai kit
CS Mount lens modules


  • Support for any CMOS image sensors.
  • Custom lens and filter options.
  • Customizable cable length.
  • Custom housing designs.
  • IP6x waterproof and anti-fog solutions.

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