About us

ArduCAM is an open-source project for Arduino camera since back to 2012. It is the world’s first SPI camera for Arduino and fills the gap of missing camera support in Arduino ecosystem. It supports wide varity of camera modules from 0.3 ~ 5MP with JPEG, RGB, YUV, RAW format, taking still images and even taking short movie clips. More over you can plug multiple ArduCAM SPI cameras to a single Arduino UNO board at the same time.

Actually the ArduCAM is not limited to Arduino platform, but also supports almost any hardware platforms as long as they have I2C and SPI interface like Black Beagle Bone, Raspberry Pi, mbed, etc.

Now ArduCAM project has been extended to the USB camera which supports 0.3~14MP camera modules, some of the camera modules are using global shutter sensor and it will offer the opportunity for makers who want to involve in machine vision with affordable price.

We are professional CMOS image sensor and camera module developer and manufacture. We provide infromation and customized design services  for developer and makers who are interested in image sensor and build their own projects and products. If you have any ideas, questions and suggestions for our website, please feel free to let us know. admin@arducam.com