About us

Arducam is a startup company dedicated in open source hardware and software designing and manufacturing from China, especially for Arduino, Raspberry pi camera solution. We also offer customized design and manufacture turnkey solution service for the customers who want their products unique.

Since 2012 Arducam team invented the world first high resolution SPI camera solution for Arduino, fills the gap of lacking cameras in the Arduino community. This SPI camera is a general purpose solution, not limited to Arduino platform, but can be used on any hardware platforms as long as they have SPI and I2C interface. Thanks to the nature of the SPI bus, it extends the usability of the SPI camera, we can help user add multiple cameras to a single micro controller and take photos simultaneously.

Arducam Raspberry Pi cameras for become very important complement for standard Raspberry Pi cameras. These 5MP and 8MP cameras are plug and play without install any additional drivers, while provide wide range of lens and filter opitions like fisheye, telescope, microscope lenses, motorized IR cut filter and etc. These new features cover much wider applications than the standard pi cameras.

During 2017 Arducam introduced USB camera shield which supports 0.3~14MP camera modules, some of the camera modules are using global shutter sensors. It is another general purpose camera platform over the USB connection, they support much higer resolution and faster frame rate than the SPI camera. With Arducam comprehensive SDK library, they can work on both PC and ARM processor, Windows and Linux OS. They can be used for image sensors/optics evaluation, machine vision camera, microscope/telescope USB camera and etc. It will offer the opportunity for makers who want to involve in machine vision with affordable price.

Arducam works closely with lens vendors in order to provide wide range of M12 and CS mount lens options for our customers. These lenses cover fisheye, telescope, microscope, zoom lenses and etc. We also provide different IR filter options for some special applications.

We are professional CMOS image sensor and camera module developer and manufacture. The faith of Arducam team is to help wisdom makers to fulfill their dreams, your success will be our success. If you have any ideas, questions and suggestions, please feel free to let us know. admin@arducam.com