Raspberry Pi Camera Connector Pinout and Type (MIPI CSI-2)

Raspberry Pi camera Connector Type

The Connector Types of Raspberry Pi Camera are SFW15R-2STE1LF, 1-1734248-5, and 54548-2271.

LocationPart NumberManufacturerMounting AngleNo. of PinsPitch
Camera Module (V1/V2/HQ)SFW15R-2STE1LFAmphenol FCIRight Angle151mm
Pi Board (As & Bs)1-1734248-5TE ConnectivityVertical151mm
Pi Board (Zero & CMs)54548-2271MolexRight Angle220.5mm

Raspberry Pi Camera Connector Pinout

The Jetson Nano and Jetson Xavier NX share this pinout with the Raspberry Pi.

15 Pin #

15 Pin Name


22 Pin Name

22 Pin #

2CAM_D0_NMIPI Data Lane 0 NegativeCAM_D0_N2
3CAM_D0_PMIPI Data Lane 0 PositiveCAM_D0_P3
5CAM_D1_NMIPI Data Lane 1 NegativeCAM_D1_N5
6CAM_D1_PMIPI Data Lane 1 PositiveCAM_D1_P6
8CAM_CK_NMIPI Clock Lane NegativeCAM_CK_N8
9CAM_CK_PMIPI Clock Lane PositiveCAM_CK_P9
MIPI Data Lane 2 NegativeCAM_D2_N11
MIPI Data Lane 2 PositiveCAM_D2_P12
MIPI Data Lane 3 NegativeCAM_D3_N14
MIPI Data Lane 3 PositiveCAM_D3_P15
11CAM_IO0Power EnableCAM_IO017
12CAM_IO1LED IndicatorCAM_IO118
15CAM_3V33.3V Power OutputCAM_3V322

Why the 15-pin and 22-pin difference?

There are two major differences between the 15-pin and the 22-pin connection:

  1. The 22-pin connector has a 0.5mm pin pitch, resulting in a smaller connector than the 15-pin one.
  2. The 22-pin connector offers possibilities for 2 extra MIPI data lanes, meaning that 15-pin only runs at 2-lane MIPI while 22-pin could be boosted to 4-lane.

The conclusion is: 15-pin is the optimal choice for Raspberry Pi because official Raspberry Pi cameras only run in 2-lane MIPI. Whether it’s the camera interface or the camera driver, all of them are 2-lane based.

Why? Because currently, the RPi’s VideoCore multimedia processor offers limited processing power to take advantage of the full 4-lane bandwidth. We are still not reaching the 2-lane limits, so it’s a reasonable choice.

Raspberry Pi Zero 22-pin Camera Connector

The Raspberry Pi Zero adopts the 22-pin connector for the 1st reason – for a compact connector. In a small form-factor SBC like the Pi Zero, there is not enough room for a standard size 15-pin 1mm pitch connector.

Raspberry Pi Compute Module 22-pin Camera Connector

The Raspberry Pi Compute Module adopts the 22-pin connector for both the 1st and the 2nd reason. It needs the connector to be compact enough to accommodate 4 of these connectors – 2 CSI and 2 DSI.

Besides, the MIPI CSI connectors on the Compute Module IO board allows you to access the 4-lane MIPI connection, although you have to write your own drivers to play with it.

However, the normal variants of the Raspberry Pi only expose the second instance, and route out only 2 of the data lanes to the camera connector. The Compute Module range route out all lanes from both peripherals.

Source: CSI-2 (Camera Serial Interface 2) “Unicam”

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