USB Camera

During 2017 Arducam introduced USB2.0 and USB3.0 camera shields. They are another general-purpose camera platform over the USB connection, they support much higher resolution and faster frame rate than the SPI camera. Extend the supported camera options especially the global shutter cameras for the single-board computers like Raspberry Pi. With Arducam comprehensive SDK library, they can work on both PC and ARM processor, Windows, Linux OS as well as Robot OS (ROS). They can be used for image sensors/optics evaluation, machine vision camera, microscope/telescope USB camera and etc.


  • Industrial Camera
  • Machine Vision Camera
  • Document Scanner
  • Microscope/Telescope Camera
  • Robot Camera
  • Cosmetic Camera
  • Surveillance Camera

Product Information

There are the latest USB camera products:

SKUSPI Camera Module
B0095Arducam USB2 Camera Shield
B0111Arducam USB3 Camera Shield
 Arducam UVC Camera with YUV/RGB/MJPEG and H.264 Support