OAK-D W: OV9782×2+IMX378+Intel Movidius Myriad X for Depth AI OAK

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The OAK-D W is the Series 2 variant of the OAK-D S2 but with a wider field of view (DFOV is ~120°). OAK-D W doesn’t have a barrel jack for supplying power, so it only has a USB-C connector for both power and communication.

The color camera is an IMX378 with 120° DFOV (Fixed-Focus).

We also offer a custom OAK-D W with a 150° DFOV color camera, which has the OV9782 (800P, FF) instead of the IMX378 CCM. Purchase of a Customization coupon is required to complete the order (one coupon per rework unit). Please contact us for details and lead time ([email protected]).



  • OAK-D W camera
  • USB Type C to Type A Cable

Reference Numbers:

MN: A00572

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