Arducam 12MP IMX477 Motorized Focus High Quality Camera For DepthAI OAK

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SKU: B0369 Category:



The Arducam 12MP IMX477 Motorized Focus MIPI camera module is designed for DepthAI OAK,

Supported DeptAI version: BW1098FFC R0M0E0


  • Sensor: 12MP IMX477
  • Pixel Size: 1.55 μm x 1.55 μm
  • Active array size: 4056x 3040
  • Optical Size: 1/2.3 inch
  • Focusing Range: 8cm ~ infinite
  • IR Sensitive: With IR filter
  • Output interface: MIPI 2-Lane
  • Output formats: RAW8/RAW10
  • Maximum frame rate: [email protected]
  • H.265 frame rate: [email protected]
  • Board Size: 38mm x 38mm
  • Lens: Low distortion M12 lens (Part Number: M23390H08)
  • EFL: 3.9mm
  • F.N: 2.8
  • HFOV: 75 Deg

Package Including

  • 1 pcs Arducam 12MP IMX477 Motorized Focus camera module 22pin for DepthAI OAK
  • 1 pcs 150mm 20pin-26pin FPC cable