[Discontinued] Arducam CS-Mount Lens Bundle for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera, Wide Angle 6mm Focal Length Manual Focus Lens with Portable Tripod Stand and 2ft/60cm Black Camera Cable

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  • They Just Work – We’ve tested this lens, the camera cable and the tripod stand on the 12MP RPi HQ Camera. With them, you can get decent quality image and release your hands.
  • The CS-Mount Lens – Another cost-effective choice that adds up to you Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera Module, with 6mm focal length and manual focus.
  • The Tripod Stand – Pocket size and lightweight, 1/4”-20 mounting screw, hassle-free fitting the RPi HQ Camera Board.
  • The Camera Cable – 60cm/2ft length, 15 Pin 1.0mm Pitch interfaces, black color and long enough, goes well with 3D printers OctoPrint setup and Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera.


Arducam 6mm CS-Mount Lens bundle for Raspberry Pi High Quality Camera

    Package Contents

    • 1 pcs 1/2″ 6mm Focal Length CS-Mount Lens
    • 1 pcs mini tripod Stand
    • 1 pcs 2ft/60cm black camera cable.

    How to Purchase

    You can purchase this item from Arducam distributors or Arducam’s Amazon store

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