ArduCAM typical problems (Arduino)

Q1: Can’t find the USB to serial port?
A: You should install the USB driver which is under the ../Arduino/drivers path.

Q2: Can’t find ArduCAM example?
A:Firstly, You should put ArduCAM library in the ../Arduino/librarys folder. Then choose the right board.Refer to the pictures :

Q3: ERR: Please select the hardware platform and camera module in the ..\libraries\ArduCAM\memorysaver.h file
A:You should choose the right platform in the ..\Arduino\libraries\ArduCAM\memorysaver.h file

Q4:SPI interface Error!
A:In our mini demos, we define the SPI CS 7 default.In the Shiled V2 demos,we define the SPI CS 10.We suggest you use our adapter board.
Another way, you can print the SPI test data to the serilal port to check if the hardware connect is normal.

Q5:Can’t find OV5642/OV2640/OV3640/OV5640 module!
A:The camera your are using must match the platform you have defined in the memorysaver.h.

Q6:SD Card Error!
A: You should format your SD card in FAT32.In our demos, we define the SD CS to 9 default.

Q7: How to download our app?
A: For, please refer to this link:

For ArduCAM_Mini_V2.0_Linux_x86_64bit, Please refer to this link:

Q8: How to operate the ArduCAM_Host in the linux  environment?
Step1: Open the terminal and enter the folder of the software
Step2: Input:sudo chmod +x
Step3: Input:sudo ./
Step4: Input:sudo chmod u+x ArduCAM_Mini_QT(name of software)
Step5: Inout:sudo chmod u+x
Step6: Inout:sudo ./

Q9: How to connect arducam to arduino board?

Q10: Why the picture will be dark?
A: The camera is automatic exposure default, so when you change the resolutions or make it normal from standby mode.The sensor need some time to adapt to it. So when you change it’s resolutions or make it normal from standby mode,it is better to add 1 to 3 seconds delay.