The GotchaCAM Portable DIY Wifi Camera Based Travel and Home Security and Surveillance System

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The GotchaCAM Portable Travel and Home Security and Surveillance System consists of the ArduCAM CC3200 Uno and the software from the book “Home Security System DIY PRO using Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink” by Robert Chin. Both are available
for purchase on major sites like Amazon in US.

The recommended way to purchase the hardware for this system is by buying the “ArduCAM CC3200 UNO DIY Wifi Portable Security Spy Ghost Hunter Camera Starter Kit” that is available on Amazon. This provides you with all the hardware you will need.

This system is designed for

  •  Makers
  •  TI CC3200 Simplelink enthusiasts
  •  DIY (Do it Yourself) home security enthusiasts
  •  Frequent flyers that stay in hotels or motels.
  •  Landlords that are renting out homes or apartments.

Key Features

  •  Full source code and binaries are available for download and its installation, use, and design is fully explained in the book “Home Security System DIY PRO using Android and TI CC3200 SimpleLink”
  •  Portable design only requires an ArduCAM CC3200 Uno, a MT9D111 digital camera, and an Android cell phone in order to send emergency text alerts and cell phone calls.
  •  No external Wifi network is required to send text messages and emergency calls so this would be great solution for business travelers using hotels or for homes or apartments that are rentals.
  •  Provides portable self-monitored on demand security and surveillance without the contracts or hassle of installing a traditional security system.

Video Demonstration


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