Arducam V3Link


Build V3Link-based cost-effective camera solutions with seamless integrations for your systems and applications.

fpd link III or V3 camera solution

Arducam V3Link Cameras

Build V3Link-based cost-effective camera solutions with seamless integrations for your systems and applications.

The Power of TI’s V3Link Interface

As an industrial variant of FPD-Link III, V3Link is a multi-protocol physical layer technology that aggregates data from different industry standard protocols and transfers it over coaxial or twisted pair cables. It acts as a bridge between protocol-based data interfaces that transfer high bandwidth data over short distances, and in cases where the source interface does not match the sync interface, it can also work as a data converter.

The Power of Arducam & TI’s V3Link Solutions

Arducam consistently collaborates with Texas Instrument’s engineering team to provide you with the most adaptable, on-demand V3Link camera systems for various industrial applications.

Works w/ The Arducam MIPI Camera Portfolio

So you can use it with any of the Arducam MIPI CSI-2 cameras.
Instead of creating camera bundles, we want you to make your own kits that best suit your budget and application. The V3Link serializer board we designed is compatible with our entire collection of more than 100+ off-the-shelf modules encompassing various resolutions, lens types, frame rates, pixel sizes, sensor & shutter types.

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Up to 15M Cable Length

For smaller footprints and flexible deployments.
Having longer cable lengths brings more benifits, especially for applications that not only require a high speed connection but also need to keep the camera as compact as possible and place it in constrained spaces far away from the hosts. Our V3Link solutions offers a stable cable connection of up to 15 meters on all 4 camera channels.

Multi-Camera Systems for Any Use Case

Giving everyone the freedom to create synchronized 4-channel vision systems.
Quad-camera systems where you get to control the specs will significantly drive the cost down for a wide range of automotive, surveillance, medical and industrial imaging applications, as our main focus, we strive to make the process easy for system developers.

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Customizable in Every Way,
for Any Platform

Solutions that are tailored only for you, your platform, and your project.
Out of our ready-to-work camera collection, you can also make a custom-built system and decide on every aspect of the cameras (sensors, lenses, carrier boards, enclosures, etc.). We designed our V3Link solution to make sure that, whether you’ve got a popular embedded platform (Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson, TI Eval. boards, etc.), or a specific dev board for a lesser-known industry, the support is already in place.

Get V3Link Cameras for Your Application


What’s the difference between V3Link and FPD Link-III?

V3Link is the industrial version of FPD Link III, it uses the same video over the coax standard, and you can consider it the automotive equivalent.

Does the kit come with camera modules?

Currently no. You can use it with any of our MIPI CSI-2 cameras.

Does the kit support external triggers?


Can I pick one of your existing cameras but replace the lens with a different type of mount or FoV?

Yes. you can even have a customized carrier board in specific sizes.

Does the kit come with FPD-Link 3 cables?


Can I use different cameras in one setup?

Customization is required, but yes.

What platforms does it support?

Systems we already support: Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson series, Rockchip boards, TI dev boards. For other systems, simple talk to us.

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