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      I run the python demo code with “OV9281_MIPI_1Lane_RAW10_8b_1280x800_40fps.cfg” file on my raspberry pi and receive the following error message.

      (‘Error capture image, rtn_val = ‘, 65316L)
      fps: 16 /s

      I ran the same python code on windows. It works without any error at 40 fps with the same cfg file. I have read that “capture” thread is not enough fast to read data from the buffer. As far as I understand I have to modify the cfg file but I did not find any information about which register values I have to change. I would like to try capturing images in 640×480 resolution at 25 or 30 fps and see if the raspberry pi is able to handle with it. I would be happy if I find a document that clearly explains the registers.

      Hardware: Raspberry pi 3 model A+

      Camera module: UC 599

      USB shiled: UC391 Rev.E

      Thanks in advance.

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      Hello @josem ,

      Currently we do not have the corresponding configuration, if you need we can modify it for you. If you want 640×480 resolution will lose the viewing angle, because 640×480 will be cropped from the maximum resolution. 640×400 will not lose the viewing angle, because of this It can be obtained through binning.
      By the way, why don’t you use our MIPI_Camera SDK on RPI? Using MIPI_Camera SDK you can directly connect the camera to the CSI2 interface of RPI, it can get higher speed.

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      This is a 640×400 30fps configuration:


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