Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Arducam Stereo Camera HAT [B0195]

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      I have notice a micro USB port on the board, is it required to power the board, or is the board powered by just GPIO pins?


      For the usb port and GPIO pins, you have to choose one to power the board.
      Usb port Applicable object: USB2.0 E version
      GPIO pins Applicable: Raspberry Pi

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      Can I use one of the binocular cameras and turn off the other when needed?How to supply power? Is it a microusb port?


      Yes, you can use one of the binocular cameras and turn off the other when needed.Power supply is 2*20 Raspberry Pi port. It is powered by the USB Port on the Pi.

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      What is the temperature used to safely desolder and solder using heatgun and soldering iron for raspberry V2 camera boards.


      350 -400 Celsius.

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      May I know the dimensions of the stereo camera board with 2 cameras?


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      Can this stereo camera hat work with two your 8MP spy cameras?


      No, Arducam spy camera cannot work with the synchronized camera HAT as it is hard for us to synchronize the clock of two single spy cameras.

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      I am trying to use the AuduCam Stereo Camera HAT with OpenCV but it keeps giving me this error “Load libarducam_mipicamera fail.”

      I think that I am missing this link. I fallowed the instructions here

      Depth Mapping on Arducam Stereo Camera HAT with OpenCV

      But with one difference I am using OpenCV 4.1.0 does that make a difference? How do I fix this issue?


      Please install Arducam library for MIPI cameras from Github:

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      I have two questions:

      1. Can I change the camera module on the stereo board? For example the IMX219 autofocus camera or the IMX219 Low distortion camera drop-in replacements. If so can the the autofocus cameras be synchronized?

      2. Is it possible to use the multi camera adapter board along with the stereo camera HAT? For example Camera A may be connected to a separate camera and Camera B will be connected to stereo HAT and give access to synchronized stereo cameras?


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