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      Is the address on the i2c bus of the ov9281 camera module still 0xc0? Or has this address changed perhaps?


      The address for i2c bus of OV9281 is 0x60,and it won’t change.

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      Is it possible to use an external 21hz clock to trig the acquisition of a sequence of 21 frames on the Arducam OV9281 MIPI 1MP Monochrome Global Shutter Camera Module for Raspberry Pi?


      Yes, here is the demo for your reference:

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      Would it be possible to receive the source code to modify the library for internal purpose? ( Antonio Doncel)


      We don’t offer the driver source code, we provide the sensor API. You can view specific functions in arducam_mipicamera.h

      int arducam_write_sensor_reg(CAMERA_INSTANCE camera_instance, uint16_t address, uint16_t value);

      int arducam_read_sensor_reg(CAMERA_INSTANCE camera_instance, uint16_t address, uint16_t *value);


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      We got this Camera from the Amazon but not able to get it to work, we followed all the instructions. (About the software problem)( Nikhil Gaikwad)


      Since it takes more time for PNG encoding, our default time is not enough to end the encoding, so it returns timeout. I have optimized and updated the MIPI_Camera library, please download the latest library test You could try to modify the encoding time and open capture.c.

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      Does 16MP ArduCam IMX298 and 18MP ArduCam CMOS AR1820HS

      can be connected directly to RPI CSI connector?

      Does these cameras support hardware trigger?


      Both of the cameras can be connected to RPI CSI connector directly .

      However, they don’t support external trigger feature at the present.

      You could use Arducam USB 2.0 shield Rev.E (SKU: B0175) ,which can work with the cameras for external trigger.

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