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Updated question:

I have been following the OV7251 datasheet and I have been trying to utilize the STROBE and FSIN pins that are advertised as part of this board’s functionality, however I have not been able to get the signals that are expected. The datasheet claims that the “strobe generates a pulse with a reference starting point at the time  when the pixel array starts integration.”

I have changed (written to) register value 0x3005 to the value 0x02 and register 0x3027 to value 0x08 and still there are no pulses generated when I have the camera running using  “./arducamstill –t 0 –m 0 –awb 1 –ae 1”

Note: Wrote to register values by editing this code:

Can someone please contact me to explain how to get the STROBE pin to output the signals it is supposed to?