Reply To: AR1820 18MP bad picture quality

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Thank you for your reply πŸ™‚

I already tried out your auto exposure and white balance processing but this doesn’t work very well for me. The picures are oversaturate, to brigth and grainy. I think this couldn also be removed with raw postprocessing

Maybe it has something to do with the lense used. It is a 200Β° (maybe even more) fisheye lense, that produces many black parts around the corners to get circular picture. Maybe your software auto white balance tries to compensate this black parts and increases the exposure. So it gets to brigtht.

I uploaded a sample pic that I took with manual settings (exposure: 425, gain:14)

(btw: how do i calculate the real exposure time out of the exposure value)


I also update the latest drivers, but that doesent really help… πŸ™

Do you have any further recommendations, what I can try next?