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Hello Sascha,

We would like to help you fix your issues as follows:

1. Where do i have to connect the red and the black cable of the filter on the GPIO-header?

Attached picture you could check cable connection between Arducam Motorized IR-cut-filter camera board (Rev.B) and Raspberry Pi 4 board.
And the demo code from Arducam Github is Here.

2. I tried to finetune the lens until the IR-filter can slide freely. but then the picture gets unsharp. so this doesnt work for me unforunately.

As you know, the lens holder or IR Cut switcher depends on the thread length and BFL (Back Focal Length) of the lens, and you would get an unsharp image if the lens and the holder / IR Cut switcher is not compatible with each other.
So we appreciate if you could send us some pictures (front and side view) of the camera with IR Cut and the lens.

Best Regards
Arducam Support Team